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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,765

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Help me with this here about the senate trial.

Subpoena RUMP NOW!!! Get his ass in there under oath!! Plus who ever was in that room watching the riot on tv!! WHY NOT?

A BIG thank you to all that gave me hearts!!

Just wondering here. If we did NOT win both seats in Georgia.

Would Moscow Mitch even hold this impeachment trial? I'm not sure he would have.

I realize it will be a fight in the senate about Joes pick for AG.

Asking all the pros here, will Joe succeed in appointing Merrick Garland? I really really hope so! If so what are we looking at as far as when? Two weeks you think?

Rump people just WILL NOT accept that he LOST

We are gonna be fighting these CRAZIES for four years!! I go to live you tube sites of California beaches, just to dream away, BUT they are all over and just will NOT shut the fuck up!! I blocked so many cause i'm so tired of their fucking LIES LIES LIES!! Thank God we have JOE and Kamala!!!

Rules of the senate?

Any penalty for not wearing a mask? Could Ron paul (or any OTHER senator) be REMOVED for not wearing a mask?

Is my thinking wrong here about the Senate vote on The stimulus package?

I'm thinking that when the Dems. go for it on their own, SOME rethugs WILL join them!! Meaning we probably will NOT need the VP. to vote!
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