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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,342

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I'm 100% for Joe's decision to bring troops home from Afghanistan, BUT

I do worry about the people left there PLUS i also worry about the Afghans we bring to America, when we all witness the bloodshed we are sure to see. Will some of these Afghans (that we bring to America) turn on us back here? Really gonna be scary to watch. Plus i'm sure the RETHUGS will be using this against us in midterms.

So when will they have the NEXT hearing? (Jan 6th. hearing)

I wonder if it would be possible for families that lose loved ones because of Covid to

SUE Fox news? (just because they continue to LIE) I think that could be interesting, maybe destroy Fox news!

Check out the BIG covid event happening NOW in Deadwood South Dakota

https://www.deadwood.com/visitor-services/webcams/ I haven't seen one mask! Open season for the Delta variant! Click on bottom video

Wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. ( i feel it will only be answered ONE WAY)

Hate to say it BUT i feel the only way this country will come together on THIS issue is, THE RIGHT VARIANT! It will be out there somewhere and when people (not us that have been fully vaccinated) get really sick or die they will have to do something. Maybe one other way though could be fully vaccination for ALL Transportation industry! Not sure how to do it but that would help.

Not saying there will be a third party, BUT if there is, who

Would it be on their ticket? (ROMNEY?) Cheney?)

I hope they are ready to SHUT OFF

rand pauls Microphone! It NEEDS to happen!

What the hell is wrong with Americans?

Biden's administration has done more for Americans in 90 days that QRUMP did in four years!

Here in North Dakota our GOV. last week declared our state as a second amendment Sanctuary state

So, now i bet we'll have some permitless gun carry next? It's getting really CRAZY out there folks!!

Maybe a dumb question here on Arizona recount fiasco

Could a GROUP of voters from Arizona, go to court to STOP this asshole co. from touching THEIR ballot? I'm thinking when i vote, that IS MY BALLOT!
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