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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,551

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any way we could find out names of democrats that were

on Nunes ethics investigating committee? I understand it takes at least 1 Dem vote to clear that asshole

any possibility

State charges could be filed on tRump JR before anything big filed on Daddy tRump?

i 100% support Al and the question i have is

do you actually believe he is resigning because his colleagues asked him too? If so i question this. I don't know why but i feel he needs to either STAY or give us the real reason! ( i see no reason for him to quit) He has to know what this battle is all about. I'm sure he DOES NOT want all of us here to be fighting amongst ourselves!

Any law on the books today that would prevent

handing out $100 bills at voting precincts?

Nunes was cleared by house ethics commitee my question is

can we revisit this if we get control of senate in 2018? This asshole needs to pay!!

will the Mueller investigation end up

in the Supreme Court? and could that mean 3 more years of this BULLSHIT

i feel good about Mueller

should i not feel that way?

Franken should wait til moore's possible election and if elected and

the senate does no ethic investigation? Then NO RESIGNATION is needed

interesting news was on NBC maybe no need to invade North Korea?


why doesn't Manafort have to

forfeit all he put up for bond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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