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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,262

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What are the chances that these QRUMP lawyers, (all the crazy ones)

Can be STOPPED from ever filing anymore lawsuits? Is this possible?

OK, these QTHUGLICONS continue to LIE daily seems like. SO

Why not subpoena EVERYONE that's lying, and ask them ALL under oath if they have ANY proof of the statements (lies) they are making at these BULLSHIT meetings? Then use their answers before the midterms and general election coming up?

Election question

See if i get this right. Could each state offer a 4 year payment (voucher to be spent ONLY in it's own state) to EACH person that votes? 1st year $25, 2nd year $50, 3rd year $75, 4th year $100. This would also help it's own states economy. Would it be legal? (states make their own rules) What would be the pros to this and also the cons to this. Getting people to VOTE seems to be OUR biggest future problem, from how i think. Any thoughts on this? ONE payment per year, i'm thinking, but in ONLY General election would payment be made, IF you voted midterm as well. Probably would be confusing, but i feel it would help getting people to the poles.

Just thinking this morning, That THIS is QRUMPS weekend BUT

THESE are OUR four years!!! Hopefully his ass is gonna be kicked to kingdom come!!!

Who gets the money from the Cpac meeting?

Does QRUMP ( or family) get any?

Help me out here. (House passage of the covid package)

There were some RETHUGS in the house that voted to impeach RUMP, BUT NONE voted to pass this package. My question is WHY NOT?

With everything the QTHUGS are doing on a daily bases, I'm thinking

They have ALL DECLARED WAR on America!!!!! That's the ONLY decision i can come up with!!! THEY hate AMERICA! THEY want us like RUSSIA!!

Will CNN and Msnbc cover QRUMPS BULLSHIT?

(I'm leaning to YES they will)

When can we expect Joe's AG pick to

Be cleared by the Senate?

Just saying, Gas here in North Dakota went from $2.09 3 months ago to now $2.59

Is the reason for this to cause trouble for Joe and Kamala? ( i'm thinking YES) Look for $3 or $4 gas soon.
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