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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,474

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DU voters found out that by voting All Dems the machine changed their votes SO i wonder

Is it possible THIS happened 2016 in certain States, and was not noticed?? GREAT that people here reported this and we are watching CLOSELY this year!! A BIG TY to ALL!!!

Think this asshole bomber was

Working alone?? I'm hoping this brings down a bunch of these Rump assholes!!!

My concern for Georgia election (or any state) brings out this question

Is their more that one person that see's these ballots BEFORE anybody decides for any reason that they be rejected?? I'm hoping that their are Democrats are present to stop this fiasco! Anybody here explain the process? TY in advance

Wife and i voted today!!!!

Straight DEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 5 people there at the time we voted!It FEELS GREAT to vote this year!! (We vote straight Dem every year) So excited for the Blue wave!! EVERYONE GET OUT TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep getting trumpcare in my e-mails

They REPUBS are trying ANYTHING to win midterms!!!!

I don't remember ONE msm ask this question concerning Khashoggi

Where is the BODY???? Did i miss something?

Sitting here wondering what Kavanaugh answer would be to this question if asked at the hearing!

Mr Kavanaugh, could a sitting president be indicted if they shot and killed a person on 5th. avenue!

Anyone help me here in North Dakota with this question?

Two choices on our ballot for North Dakota supreme court 1(Lisa Fair McEvers incumbent) 2(Robert V. Bolinske. I'm thinking #2 because Lisa was appointed by REPUBLICON John Hoeven. Anybody know anything about Bolinske? TY in advance!

When we win the house is it possible to investigate

RUMPS use of tax dollars during his CAMPAIGN RALLY'S?

Be ready the worst (REPUB) commercials (lies) will soon hit the MSM!!

The final week before the election will be HORRIBLE!! The RUMP base will love it!!
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