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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,477

Journal Archives

No response from Supreme court yet about PA gerrymandering map

is this a good sign or maybe a bad one?

Is tRUMP the only one that can stop ICE?

Or when we win in 2018, can we do something to stop them?

Question If Mueller DOES indict tRUMP and Congress does NOTHING to remove him, can

Mueller file obstruction charges on Congressman (woman) that vote NO ON impeachment?

play tRUMPS game (because i know they won't accept this)

Every person needs to go through mental health evaluation BEFORE purchase of any guns! (Just to be clear I'm against ANY military type weapon) I'm against anyone under 21 purchasing one. I'm for closing GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE. This will go nowhere i know, BUT tRUMP blames mental health right?

Dumb question i'm sure but

Anything happen in Congress today that;s worth a shit? Or just TALK again

any thoughts on a better way to select a supreme court judge?

I've often wondered if it's even possible to change the way it's done now. That lifetime guarantee position seems a little unfair, because other government positions are limited. What would the process be to undo this? and would we want to?

The day WILL COME That the NRA members will have to march

WITHOUT GUNS ON their SHOULDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody know where we are at with tRUMPY meeting with Mueller?

Anything NEW about this? TY

Am i right in my thoughts here?

If we get control of the House in 2018, and nUNES is re-elected Can we hold hearings on his behavior?

Don't destroy tomato hornworms, unless they are a real problem. read below why!

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