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bluestarone's Journal
bluestarone's Journal
May 27, 2018

For me, Muellers time frame may be slow BUT the biggest thing i'm looking at is

Mueller STOPPING RUMPS chance to Pardon anyone!! I want EVERYONE of these assholes to pay for what they have done to this country! SO my faith is in Mueller's way! I'm sure this investigation has to be done very methodically!

May 24, 2018

I hope RUMPS fight with China

effects Hobby Lobby!!!!! I look forward to seeing the prices rise and maybe close some stores!

May 24, 2018

Is it possible that Mueller is watching this meeting tommorrow?

Surely he doesn't agree with Sessions and Rosenstin's agreeing to this meeting with REPUGS ONLY??????

May 18, 2018

Question: Is there any difference between state laws and federal laws pertaining to

Indicting a sitting president? Can RUMP be indicted by state law violation?

May 17, 2018

I feel the repubs and RUMP have decided

To go for broke and take our country away from us! No holds barred! Plain to see they're doing it in the wide open with no fear! MIDTERMS are the ONLY way to stop this, and when we get control, hold hearing after hearing to out these bastards!! I'm wondering if Mueller sees this and may hold back some charges to stop Rump from doing his pardons? November can't come fast enough!!!!

May 8, 2018

Got to ask this here!

Is Muellers team ok with what Stormy's lawyer is is releasing? I certainly hope so! I think it's GREAT NEWS, but i do worry about the Mueller investigation!!

May 8, 2018

How could RUMPS (lawyer,Lawyers) argue the president cannot be subpoenaed because he's too busy?

He's golfing EVERY WEEKEND!!! I'm thinking the courts will not accept this argument?

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