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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,556

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just wondering here Will a supreme court decision against DACA come? and will Mc Turtle

change his mind about bringing it up for discussion? (They did appeal DACA to supreme court right?)

i'm VERY WORRIED about these new e-mails from FBI that congress recieved

Tell me it's no big deal!! I have a bad feeling they will succeed in getting Mueller out? Heaven help us if they do

i'm sure it doesn't BUT

if Mc turtle goes nuclear does it affect the impeachment vote? Or by constitution is it still 2/3rds in the senate??

MC Turttle wants a vote 1am Monday to open government up til Feb 8 with no concessions


the best SHUTDOWN of all will be


shut her down til NOV. 2018 then

we'll fix it

if they do pass something they better

READ THE FUCKING FINE PRINT!!!!! I don't trust them fuckers as far as i could throw them

so after shutdown when will

they meet again?? Are they on another break?

when this nightmare ends and they all get life in prison and die there i suggest

encasing them in lead and dropping them is the deepest nuclear waste site so they cannot infest this country ever again

I just gotta ask this here

Can't Mueller some how STOP THE SHIT nUNES IS PULLING?????? I hate this piece of shit sooooo much!!!!!
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