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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,558

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Could the new house pass a referral to the senate for

Senate thoughts on impeachment? Putting the senate on record without fully going for impeachment UNLESS of pre- support from the senate? Would this be wrong way to proceed?

Just wondering here. Could the Senate blame the DEM. controled house

If they DO NOT try to impeach RUMP? I'm thinking that AFTER the fact, then the RETHUGS could say why didn't the DEM house go for impeachment? Any thoughts on this?

My thoughts are

RUMPY is waiting for his family to be charged with something. THEN come his PARDONS!

I'm thinking now that the ONLY good thing about RUMP is

His presidency will completely DESTROY the REPUGLICON party!!!I really believe this!!

If the rumor of war with Iran is true then

Can or will the DEM. house agree to funding it? What are your thoughts?

RUMP is kinda like a turkey in the oven with the timer popped out BUT

NOT quite done yet. BUT we know he's cooked!!!!!

Maybe with all of todays news

Could it all effect the senate? If some REPUGS are caught up in this mess then what would happen?? Special elections again?

Think Whitaker would fire Mueller NOW?

If RUMPY asked him too? (NEW house control coming) I almost have my doubts now. It could really destroy his career! Is he that fucking stupid?

Line them up like Dominoes

Because they are ALL going to fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any thoughts on if PENCE KNEW?

My money is on that he knew EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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