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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,558

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anybody have thoughts about tRumps appeal of DACA????

you think SC could rule for tRump?

any chance the lower court in NC could

ask SC to reconsider there opinion?

ok so the people here know before hand, What is the penalty for obstruction of Justice??

Is it a felony? What could tRump be facing for JUST THIS CHARGE?

i could care less about

them fucking awards

i feel tRumps kinda doing us all a favor

DESTROYING THE republiCON PARTY in do time! We actually are witnessing the TRUE COLORS of the dirty bastards through tRump (EDITING that my thought is the RepubliCONs party mostly in congress)

tRump had to have a rectal exam and

they found 4 Repubs up his ass fighting for first place!

i'm still concerned about the previous post pertaining to Repubs having access to FBI files!

Is there no Democratic person (lawyer) to put an end to this? No court they could go to? I'm just rally upset that they can do this! TY for your response! Where are we at on this?

tRump has one power NO ONE can dispute, and that is

Turn EVERYONE (REPUBS) he touch's or talks too into a LYING PIECE OF SHIT!!!! EVERYONE!!!!

The house does nothing to bannon so my question is

what can Mueller do if Bannon continues NOT TO ANSWER? and why the hell couldn't the house do the same dam thing??

question here

Are foreigners allowed to purchase in our stock market? (RUSSIA putting money in to create FALSE market?) like they are making our government FALSE!!!!!!!!!!
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