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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,121

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I feel like RUMP can run BUT

Mueller has every EXIT covered!!! Today is one of the days we have ALL been waiting for! Hopefully with MANY MORE to come!!!

Confused here (again) If Mueller finish's his investigation

Who does he hand the final report to? If it's Whitaker, can Whitaker just throw it in the garbage not allowing anybody see it? Some here say Mueller CAN indict RUMP? What can Dems. (now) in congress do about any of this? TY in advance!

Wondering here. With all that's going on with RUMP (Muellers getting close)

Does anybody think there are ANY discussions going on (behind the scenes) about a possible resignation?

If RUMP or Kushner knew in advance of the Saudi Butcher of Khashoggi then

would they BOTH be accessories to the crime?

Anyone here think the new HOUSE will

Subpoena NUNES? I want this sooo bad!! I'm sure not right away BUT i would love to see this happen


Obama and his family is ONE BILLION TIMES a better family that they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking Mueller is worried about the senate. (as far as impeachment)

He knows what needs to happen BUT, So much depends on what these assholes will do!! Is he gonna wait, or proceed??

No proof here at all BUT after the Saudi answer to Khashoggi MURDER

I have NO DOUBT in my mind of their connection to 9-11 attack!!! They fucking knew what was going down! (MY thoughts here, no proof needed)

Could RUMPS secret service block

The delivery of a Subpoena?
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