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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,112

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I don't remember ONE msm ask this question concerning Khashoggi

Where is the BODY???? Did i miss something?

Sitting here wondering what Kavanaugh answer would be to this question if asked at the hearing!

Mr Kavanaugh, could a sitting president be indicted if they shot and killed a person on 5th. avenue!

Anyone help me here in North Dakota with this question?

Two choices on our ballot for North Dakota supreme court 1(Lisa Fair McEvers incumbent) 2(Robert V. Bolinske. I'm thinking #2 because Lisa was appointed by REPUBLICON John Hoeven. Anybody know anything about Bolinske? TY in advance!

When we win the house is it possible to investigate

RUMPS use of tax dollars during his CAMPAIGN RALLY'S?

Be ready the worst (REPUB) commercials (lies) will soon hit the MSM!!

The final week before the election will be HORRIBLE!! The RUMP base will love it!!

Only answer i can think of is somehow

The REPUBS got proof that there is no God! They are acting like they have NO VALUES at all!!

It's OUR DUTY to vote BUT

If we ever figure out a way to get people to do their DUTY, we will NEVER have to worry about REPUBS anymore!!!!!!!!!!! Any ideas?

If we win either the house or the senate will that

Absolutely stop RUMPS idiotic idea for building this DUMB fucking wall?

WE cannot depend on ANY REPUBLICON state at election time!!

They will CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT!!!! We ALL got to depend on them cheating so always be prepared for ANYTHING!!! Be willing to help any person to the polls!!!

Someone clear this up for me please, concerning the double jeopardy law in NY

Why can't NY take on the tax case BEFORE the federal charges? I'm not understanding how this works. TY in advance.
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