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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,101

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Questions here! When we win in Nov.

Will ALL the investigations be PUBLIC?? Will everyone of these assholes that are called in to testify UNDER OATH do so PUBLICLY?

If there is (was) a plan between Kavanaugh and RUMP (PUTIN)then

How do others here feel about the remaining 8 SC judges, when it comes to indicting a sitting president? Is there a reason to believe they would NOT go along? Will it come to this?

I look for Mueller (and or Rosenstein) to be fired

Within one week of Kavanaughs confirmation

Probably get screamed at here but

Would anything change IF one of the accusers, actually filed Sexual assault charges against Kavanaugh? (STATE charges)

OK looks like they got the votes to get there ASSHOLE to the SC!

Now Mueller better make his move!!! The Court is now LOADED!!!!

The United States Supreme Court future decisions will FOREVER be TAINTED because

Of the confirmation of ONE person BRETT KAVANAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOTTA ask this here. Am i the only one that feels like it's very possible that RUMP and Kavanaugh

Made a pact, that Kavanaugh will completely support RUMP concerning RUMP pardoning ALL! Also supporting RUMP when it comes to whether a sitting President could be INDICTED? Lot at stake here in this confirmation!!!!

Wonder why all of a sudden we need a presidential alert?

Can someone here explain after all these years it's NOW WE NEED IT?

Called Heitkamp office again today!!

I said she needs to vote NO NO NO on this evil man!!!! Also said it would be impossible for me to support her if her vote is yes!!!

I'm afraid the ONLY answer to the Kavanaugh problem is

For SOMEONE to actually file a complaint. (Charge him) Get an TRUE investigation going here!! But being the time frame involved NO-ONE will believe that person! WE can only wish this BUT when we get control, hopefully this investigation will be renewed and DONE RIGHT!!!!!!!
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