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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,445

Journal Archives

Rump to Putin Wonder how we could destroy America?

Putin to RUMP. Hey let's do it in the name of the LORD!!! Rump to Putin GOOD IDEA!!!! and here we are!!!!!

Question about Roger Stone

Anybody here name the witness's he CANNOT have contacts with? TY just curious.

Where is McTurtle???

Have NOT heard a word from him since shutdown ended!!!


NOW is the time to push RUMP and the RETHUGS for the Plans AND environmental studies they have done so far for the wall!!! Come on MSM let's get with the program and start ASKING QUESTIONS TODAY and EVERYDAY!!!!

Why has NO MSM asked for wall plans from these assholes?

Why has no MSM asked on the air about a copy of RUMPS plans for this fucking wall?? Also why have they not asked on the air about any environmental studies done?

Is it possible for EVERY Democratic senator

To do exactly what Tim Kaine did? Each and every one of them, everyday? Just curious. That would be awesome. Can Mcturtle stop it?

The first DEFEAT for RUMP with MANY to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TY Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally we WON something big!

Impeachment is what we ALL want for sure! BUT

We need to look at this.1) senate probably won't. 2) McTURTLE is owned by Russia. 3)Barr could cause trouble. 4) Supreme court is loaded. 5) I feel Mueller is concerned about PARDONS! I think we need to get closer to Muellers possible indictment. I want RUMP OUT,BUT i don't want take a chance on something messing it up! PATIENCE is needed i feel.

When RUMP really wants to golf again

The shutdown will end. IT will happen!

Another question about Barr vs pelosi

Can Barr stop Pelosi from seeing the ENTIRE MUELLER REPORT without changes?
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