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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,443

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Maybe just Maybe tRUMP will be good for one thing

The COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the RETHUGLICON party! I can see it happening!

Moscow Mitch is acting the same way about election security as he did about the SC nominee (2018)

WHAT DOES HE KNOW?? Strong indication IT'S RIGGED AGAIN!!! (in my mind)

Why isn't tRUMP kicked off twitter for good?

Total racism in his tweets!!!

Supreme court is getting more like RUMP

Seems like they are causing problems they have to fix later.

Because of todays SC decision on wall money the House needs to

SPECIFY what their future money goes to, and under NO circumstances is it to go ANYWHERE ELSE unless approved by the HOUSE!

Wouldn't surprise me that RUMP was fully aware of what Russia was going to do. (with our machines)

To PROVE it would be very nice! SOMEDAY we will know!

If and when impeachment inquires begin, is it possible

To hear from Mueller again?

Is it time for the house to go to court to force

TESTIMONY???? From all they choose to.

Been away from tv til now. Did anyone ask Mueller

if he wanted to continue his investigation, and was stopped?

THIS hearing kinda shows us how the IMPEACHMENT inquires will go!

These RETHUGS don't want TRUTH they want BULLSHIT!!!!
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