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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,377

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After RUMP is out of office, and CHARGED with everything.

Will he SQUEAL everything he knows about ALL the RETHUGS in congress? I bet he will not go down ALONE!! ( i hope he DESTROYS the RETHUGLICON party)

Help me understand ther House process. (with the 140 rethugs threats)

I DO understand that there is NO WAY they change a fucking thing, BUT How much time does each one get on the floor? Could this go into the night? TY in advance!

Pence got the vaccination SO (supposed to wear mask afterwords)

I'm waiting for pictures of HIM with NO mask on in Colorado! I bet we see some!

Still say NOWS THE TIME!!!

Special session IMPEACHMENT NOW!

Will Rump pardon Graham?

He's gotta be guilty of some things.

Maybe i'm wrong, but i feel all these pardons will at some point ASSIST

The NY AG. when she goes after RUMP family in the future lawsuits! Could be a BUNCH of witness's that CANNOT commit perjury?

If we win the senate in Georgia runoff could

The senate subpoena a sitting president?

Would love to see Adam Schiff

Go to the senate floor and replay the video he did on the senate floor during the Senate removal hearing. He foretold EVERYTHING that is happening NOW! Then ask for a RE-VOTE!

My thoughts on pardons

No matter who is president, ALL pardons should be done BEFORE the general election. NONE after election is over. I know this is a constitutional thing (won't happen), but that's my thoughts

The Senate needs to REMOVE this monster

We will not survive 28 days.
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