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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,443

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Gotta steam some here!

OK we know there are 1.5 million outdated masks out there SOMEWHERE! Do we know where? IF we DO my question is why some STATE medical director go to court to GO GET THEM? Take police, sheriff or whoever and just go get them! It's total BULLSHIT not being able to use them! Ok i'm done TKS for listening!

Question on stimulus package the Senate passed

If you get laid off, what happens to your family healthcare? Do you lose it ALL right away? Anybody know? TY

Cuomo is saving lives through his speech, while tRUMP

Starts their DEATH PANEL! The rethugs preached death panels with Obama care, NOW look at them! Just gotta love Cuomo!!! TY Governor!!

One question

Will Bernie vote to help our country get through this mess? I hope so!

Just can't get THIS thought out of my mind.

Trump and putin, mcconnell,and ALL the rethugs are INTENTIONALLY destroying our country!! (with the blessing of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT)

Biden should get the same amount of free tv time as Trump news conferences.

When the rethugs are done BIDEN should come on and state the TRUTH!! EVERY FUCKING TIME tRUMP is done Biden should come on!

When (if) they hand out money to all how

Will we know where it all went? LOTS of money going out so I HOPE the House (because they are the ONLY ones i trust) will have a hand in who's getting what! I hope we pay taxes on it as a way to keep track of the money! The RETHUGS will lie, cheat, steal, we ALL know that!!

I actually feel sorry for the Dem. that wins in 2020

The rethugs are setting him up for failure! If we DO NOT have both houses he will be in trouble.I know he will succeed, but like Obama he will inherit a fucking mess, maybe even a worse mess. This country should NEVER vote in another fucking RETHUG.

NOT disagreeing with the Ohio decision to stop the vote BUT

I really really hate the process used, AND the timing of the Gov. deciding this! I've heard time and time again here that the RETHUGS cannot stop the GENERAL election. NOW i have my doubts. Not that they will succeed BUT that they WILL cause ALL the trouble they can, to tie it up in the courts!! I feel this decision was made by the HEALTH dept. by PRESSURE from the RETHUGLICON Gov. (this i have no doubt.) I also feel this needs to be contested ONLY because of the way it was decided. THIS cannot be the finale answer the the RETHUGS tactics!! Sorry that's how i feel!

My thoughts on the debates

I would like to see BOTH Talk MORE about the Senate RETHUGS! THIS discussion needs to be brought out WHENEVER any Democrat is on MSM! We need to REPLACE these bastards, and take control of BOTH houses and the white House!
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