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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,739

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CLEAR message to the RETHUGS in the SENATE! YOU didn't remove HIM so



Get going on them pardons!! I'm guessing 50 to 100 pardons!

Question on Supreme Court decisions

Who gets the first word of their decisions? Will Texas get a heads up FIRST?

Maybe a dumb Question on if the president IS above the law.

Would it be smart or dumb for Joe to ask the SC to decide this while he's president? I'm thinking it needs to be settled law.

Just one question about the texas lawsuit

Why can't the SC just issue a FAST decision on STANDING alone? That would end this FIASCO!

After todays rulings, i would say a good song the RETHUGS should be singing is


After Joe and Kamala are sworn in, is there ANYWAY

That the FBI or AG. could go into Florida and investigate what Dejoy did there? If yes, think they will? Would be nice to discover evidence of the Gov. AND Dejoy were involved somehow. WE need to win Florida in 24!!

Gotta ask this here of the smart people here. (this is for AFTER Jan. 20th.)

Can anything be done to monitor what RUMP does with the so called 270 million and growing dollars? For that matter ALL his money from the last 4 years he was given? Who would be the ones watching what he does with his money? TY in advance.

We need a western style top ten wanted for murder posters with pics. of

Rump, Pence, barr moscow mitch, graham, nunes, desantis, noem, abbott, , cruz

After Jan. 20th I hope RUMP family has a good lawyer for fighting all their future court battles

May i suggest giuliani?
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