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bluestarone's Journal
bluestarone's Journal
December 29, 2023

Immunity question, this AM.

If the appeals court rules against TFG on the immunity issue, then the SC refuses to hear TFG's appeal, could this be revisited later? I feel the SC needs to rule 100% against TFG. Period!

December 26, 2023

My thoughts on our SC. decisions coming.

I'm thinking the SC will rule AGAINST Colorado's SC decision. They will allow TFG's name on ballot. I also believe no way in hell will the SC rule that TFG has immunity. I hope the immunity ruling is a fast one. I'm thinking that the Circuit Court WILL rule against TFG's immunity, now how long will the SC sit on the appeal? (that's my question) What do you all think?

December 24, 2023

If i knew how to do it, i'd do an ad with TFG in the forground and HITLER in the background

Saying the SAME words! Plus Jewish people being loaded on a train in the background as well.

December 23, 2023

Think about what POWER a president would have, if they had FULL IMMUNITY!

Be in power forever. Sell pardons to ANYONE at any price forever. The fucking SC cannot agree with this. THIS is just the tip of the iceberg.

December 22, 2023

What's your opinion on SC decision?

Do you think the SC will refuse to get involved IF Circuit court rules AGAINST tfg? Maybe that's their (SC) plan? They COULD end it right there.

December 22, 2023

Question 0n Ukraine here.

Heard awhile back that we could release some frozen Russian assets to Ukraine. Could Joe do this, say the house and senate refuses Ukraine aid? I really hope he does have authority to do something like this.

December 19, 2023

Question. Does every state have there own rules on how their elections are run?

I mean could each and very state decide if they want to count their own votes, or use machines and let machines count the votes? I worry that a third of the states (you now which ones i'm talking about) kicks Dominion out. I could see them doing this to just cause disruption and delays!!

December 19, 2023

Just want to share a great show we watched on National Geographics (Disney plus channel)

The name of the movie is "A Small Light". It has 8 episodes. The story is about the Nazi's taking Jew families. (Ann Frank time period) I just want to recommend HIGHLY)

December 16, 2023

Is there anything so STUPID that the SC could just rule in ONE DAY?

I mean this STUPID immunity question is gotta be one THAT courts should NEVER even take on. Sorry here, but holy shit WHY does these kind of bullshit arguments even make it to a judge? (let alone take weeks or months to decide?)

December 11, 2023

I just gotta say i'm so frustrated wit the texas SC sitting on this decision, with NO CARE for woman

I just wish woman (and MEN)across this country would flood texas and shut the fucking state down until this fucking court does something. WAY PAST TIME for this to happen in every state that supports This FN AG of texas.

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