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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,477

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Just watched a movie from our local library. Very hard to find. Posting it here, goodluck finding it

Please try to find this. You won't be sorry you did! Check your libraries first. https://www.amazon.com/Why-They-Fought/dp/B074P6MBWQ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=313T5GCPVT4YD&keywords=The+longest+march+for+freedom&qid=1682955605&s=instant-video&sprefix=the+longest+march+for+freedom+%2Cinstant-video%2C975&sr=1-3 editing to include the title here. The Longest March For Freedom. This documentary is about the end of WW2 prisoners of war in Poland were forced march from Poland towards Germany. Lots of WW2 veterans telling their stories of this whole march. Has 3 parts to it. the last part is mostly about this march. Please refer to post 3 for more insight, thanks to Muriel. I feel THIS should be taught more in history classes in high school, instead of stopping the teaching of our countries history. Again it's a great documentary.

This happened in Sheridan Wyo

2 guys walking down the street with ASSAULT rifles. Both had a masks on. Police were called, and these two were warned they were in violation of a city ordinance. (not sure which one) My daughter works in the library and is concerned about this type of thing happening this summer in the library and other public places. Not sure how this will end. I cannot believe these incidents will be allowed in a library. Perfect place for an situation involving staff and patrons being held in a hostage situation. I'm thinking a notice needs to be put up stating NO GUNS allowed? What does everyone think? This is what we'll have in every state this summer.

Election question here. (worried about 2024 election)

Who determines what voting machines used every election? Will we have to worry about the southern RETHUGLICON states using machines that CANNOT be trusted? How does this work out? TY in advance.

I have to say this about Fox news

I want so bad to see ALL the fox news hosts to pay dearly for their fucking lies , and destruction of our country. I have seen NOTHING about these no good BASTARDS!!

Fox news settlement question

ONE of My questions is, was any order agreed to about Fox's future LIES about Dominion? Will they STOP the lies now?

Question about 5th circuit decision.

Does the SC need to stay the circuits decision, in order to allow mailing of this drug, while they (SC) decides which way to decide the mailing part of this? Before Tomorrow? (the original judges decision was 7 days)

One question about TFG.

Does he STILL have top security clearance?

Goofed on earlier thread. I meant Robert F. KennedyJR running for President Will it hurt Joe or TFG?

Totally against his running here. Who will it affect the most?

My question would be

Did his WIFE report it on HER income? Why should SHE get free trips from BILLIONAIRE'S? I understand a SC judge does not have to BUT SHE should! Plus did the BILLIONAIRE actually pay what he should have? I very much DOUBT IT!

Question on TFG's hearing in NY.

Anyway to get a copy the court recorders words? I want to hear EXACTLY what was said between TFG and the judge.
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