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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
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I have a question for our lawyer types here, pertaining to Debt ceiling talks. (14 amendment)

Am i wrong in thinking that it would be better if Joe waited until these idiot RETHUGS decided to allow our country to go into debt? (because they refused to vote before it happens) THEN he COULD use the 14th amendment to make sure bills are guaranteed to be covered?

On ALL future debates TFG has

It's time to put a LIE BUZZER above his head. Bright RED light and BEEPS once so HE knows it's there!! EVERY time he LIES!!

Can anything be done about Gun magazine capacities?

I mean, i want AR-assault rifles outlawed! But would it be easier to allow 3 to 10 rounds instead of the guns? ( i mean for now) Like i stated before here, a duck hunters gun can hold only 3 shells. They fucking care more about ducks than humans. What would be the process to go after magazine limits?

After the jury made their decision against TFG, if TFG CONTINUES with his public LIES, can

Carroll's lawyers decide to SUE again?

Any chance TFG will be

Classified as a SEX OFFENDER? report to police wherever he goes?

I just gotta say, what i just DON'T understand.

This CULT of TFG, will fight to the death to keep their fucking GUNS. Then FULLY support the countries that FORBID anyone to own a FUCKING GUN! These SAME countries KILLED millions of Jews and other Americans. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG with these FUCKWADS?

Maybe a really dumb question, BUT here goes. (looking ahead)

Ok, lets look ahead to 2024, because that's probably how long we are going to wait for TFG's trial. Then God forbid he somehow wins the election, AND then is found GUILTY of whatever charges. Can he pardon HIMSELF for everything Federal? Maybe THIS would open up a NEW whole can of beans with THIS SC?

Let's try for the best question for TFG.

Mine would be, Would you support Ukraine or russia?

Just watched a movie from our local library. Very hard to find. Posting it here, goodluck finding it

Please try to find this. You won't be sorry you did! Check your libraries first. https://www.amazon.com/Why-They-Fought/dp/B074P6MBWQ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=313T5GCPVT4YD&keywords=The+longest+march+for+freedom&qid=1682955605&s=instant-video&sprefix=the+longest+march+for+freedom+%2Cinstant-video%2C975&sr=1-3 editing to include the title here. The Longest March For Freedom. This documentary is about the end of WW2 prisoners of war in Poland were forced march from Poland towards Germany. Lots of WW2 veterans telling their stories of this whole march. Has 3 parts to it. the last part is mostly about this march. Please refer to post 3 for more insight, thanks to Muriel. I feel THIS should be taught more in history classes in high school, instead of stopping the teaching of our countries history. Again it's a great documentary.
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