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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,271

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I have enough balls to admit my speciesism.

I've heard some protest "I am not a speciesist! Some of my best friends have been dogs."

To which I've replied, "Don't be so gutless. Own your speciesism. I've had dog friends, too, but they're my inferiors. And if they don't like it they can go back to the pound they came from."

Public service announcement - regarding shaving

Are you getting up there in years?

Has your beard gone gray and very tough? Is shaving now a painful experience for you because of it?

Well, it was for me, too, until I discovered...........

Grapeseed Oil.

Seriously.... rub some grapeseed oil on your beard and neck. Let it condition your beard for about ten minutes, then shave with something like Edge shaving gel. (I use an old timey single blade razor).

What a difference.

I want Medicare for All, but for this election prefer Biden's plan

The way is very clear to me: make a Public Option so attractive that employers will start to drop out of providing healthcare insurance as an employee benefit.... and employees won't really care.

Popular things that, in fact, suck.

Game of Thrones

My cash register total at Aldi today just happened to total $17.75

And I chuckled and blurted out "Oh! That's the year the trumpians defended our airports!"

I wish I could have been more clever, but it was spontaneous, and the cashier and a couple of people in line appreciated it, anyway.

Cool story, bruh.

I just remembered that Katie Johnson claimed she was raped as a 13 year old

by trump at one of Epstein's establishments.

Just saying.

Just finished "The Last Czars" on Netflix

Already knew most of the history, but it sure was nice to see some entitled, deluded, stuck in a bubble, religious, superstitious, "god-chosen", aristocratic, autocratic, unresponsive, tone deaf, sanctimonious fuckheads get their comeuppance, even if only simulated by actors. LOL

We just witnessed the worst aspect of soccer - *spoilers*

Hard fought contest, scoreless, neither team can generate a goal during the normal course of play, and then suddenly...

A Dutch lady tries VERY HARD to kick a ball, so much so that her entire body came upside down, absolutely no intent, whatsoever, to foul the American....

And then a cheap goal from a penalty.

And they call this "sport".

I'm certainly very happy that American women are the best at this game, but can you tell that I don't like soccer? LOL

Edited to add (because some have misread my actual point):

- Yes, it certainly was a penalty.
- Yes, such high reckless kicks certainly should be penalized, regardless of intent.

Is it unAmerican to say that our flag is not-so-pretty?

I mean..... There's an unattractive lack of symmetry, and I never understood the need to replicate the idea of "13" in the first place... both in the field and in the stripes.

I guess Betsy Ross did the best she could with what she had on hand, but I'm saying that somebody else at the time could have done a lot better with what she had on hand.

Anyway, the colors are nice, and I still love to see a whole lot of our flags flying in unison at assemblies and Olympics and whatever.... but I'm sure I would have that seem feeling with something a lot prettier/more handsome.

What's the last concert you attended? What's your next one? What was the best one?

Last concert: Phil Collins at Capital One Arena in Washington DC
Next: New Order at Fillmore Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach
Best: Coldplay at FedEx field in Washington DC

Honorable mention: 10000 Maniacs in Charlotte NC a long, long time ago.

Guess I posted all this because I'm bragging about GOING TO SEE NEW ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woohooo! Finally get to see the greatest dance band of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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