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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,594

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The place you would most like to visit, but you know you'll never go.

St. Petersburg

A commentary on Mark Rothko


Couple of years old now, but what did trump serve the Clemson football team?

From the BBC's "Big Fat Quiz on Everything" .... Richard Ayoade cracks me up. Don't know how to time-stamp this, but start at 10:45

Movies that made you angry

I don't mean semi-historical, biographical movies that show atrocities like concentration camps or the rape of Nanking or the bombing of the World Trade Center and stuff like that.

I mean movies where you paid good money for admission and then immediately wished you had your money back because you feel that YOU got raped.

I've got three in mind:

1- Mulholland Drive: just wtf was that, except an exercise in being different and illogical for the sake of being different and illogical? it certainly wasn't pretty or poetic enough to be ART.

2- Memento: yeah, it was shown in unchronological order because otherwise, in proper sequence of events, it would have bored you to tears. It was boring, anyway, and on top of that you got a nice fat bonus of confusion.

3- The Prestige: look, if I wanted science fiction I would have searched for that genre. I wanted drama, a people story, and got crapped on instead with a ridiculous story and wholly implausible science.

I guess I've said it in a roundabout way: Chris Nolan owes me money.

Ammon Bundy arrested for trespassing when he showed up at his own trial. LOL


Video of the event:

"My name is Angel."....

"I am the wife of Retired Army Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson, a 100% disabled veteran, who traveled to Washington D.C. to on Jan. 5-6, to protect Trump supporters from violent Antifa. "


I'd like to ask Angel what, exactly, does 100% disabled mean? How can he protect anybody if he's 100% disabled? And does 100% disabled also mean mentally?

Overpriced things

Indian food
Italian food

Toenails are surprisingly easy to take off.

I felt that the nail on my left big toe was too thick, so I went after it with cutting pliers and tweezers. It's gone.

Woman arrested after not wearing mask at Galveston bank talks

Amazing how all these people think they know the law... by being trumpian.

Anybody have a kalimba? I have a newbie question.

About the whole matter of kalimbas.... help me out here. Isn't it a bit confusing that the notes alternate from thumb to thumb? Wouldn't it be better for long term music ability to just arrange the keys like a real piano? I mean, with a real piano you can almost play a song by ear because you know that the farther right you go the higher the note... but with a kalimba you might have to skip over to the left side for the proper note... which means you have to MEMORIZE everything? Or always read tabs? How does that help a beginner?
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