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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
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Anybody else never particularly charmed with Mickey Mouse?

or Minnie? Or Pluto? Or Goofy?

There was never anything funny or clever about any of them. What was the attraction?

trump turned down a meeting with Matt Gaetz



The most famous person from each state.

Guess they didn't include politicians.


Some of these I'm having a hard time swallowing, particularly:

Florida - Sidney Poitier (Burt Reynolds, easily)
Maryland - John Waters (Babe Ruth, easily)
Minnesota - Judy Garland (tough one, but I think Prince beats her out)
Oregon - Beverly Cleary (how about River Phoenix, instead?)
South Carolina - Eartha Kitt (no, it's Dizzy Gillespie)
Virginia - Patsy Cline (nope, that would be Ella Fitzgerald or Edgar Allen Poe)

Last night was a horror movie

I've been condo neighbors for about thirteen years now with a couple about my same age, mid 60's. Well, sort of neighbors, because she moved out about six years ago and just comes around on a regular basis.

Until about a month ago, that is. You see, he's always been extremely diabetic, type 1, the worst lifelong kind. Very thin man because he has to be extremely careful about what he eats, and his outbursts of anger are probably due to his disease. So, over the years he's been alternately very cordial to me and then very in-my-face "you're a goddamn dumbass just like every other fucking liberal!" He's horribly racist, too... I've never heard him use the n-word, but he might as well have for all the shit that spews from his mouth. I just blew it all off, attributing it all to his disease, more amused than anything because he's pretty feeble... and because my dog is in love with his.

She, on the other is very sweet. She moved out when in one of his mood swings he grabbed her by her throat and slammed her up against a wall.... she finally heeded the advice of her own children to leave him, but from a sense of duty to their father and because she felt guilty about leaving such a sick man home alone she still visits on a regular basis to make sure he's alive and properly nourished.

Well, things changed dramatically last month when she came by and discovered him quaking on the floor, drooling in a pile of sweat. He had had a severe stroke, and now she's had to commit him to a permanent care facility... where he now believes he's a teenager on vacation in some swanky hotel and Ronald Reagan is our current president. It's all pretty sad, actually... I never wished ill on the man, although I honestly don't miss him... for obvious reasons.

This is getting long, I know....

So, now that he's gone she has moved back into the house, along with a female roommate. They're both very, very sweet and friendly, and last night when they invited me over for a shot of rum or two I accepted without reservation. Turns out she also had her new boyfriend over.

Anyway, I brought along the game Codenames, thinking that the four of us might enjoy it, especially after a nip or two. And so we did, for the most part... until two of the words on the board were "America" and "vet". So, she gave the clue "trump". I said "trump?". She replied, "yeah, donald". It was her first time ever playing the game, so I started laughing and said "you know you're not supposed to use proper nouns, though I admit he's very improper".

She: "He's for America first and cares about our vets. Biden doesn't care at all about our veterans!"

The situation quickly dissolved from there...

Me: "No, I don't buy that Mr. Bonespurs cares about our veterans. And unlike that trump monster President Biden is a very decent man."

She: "Biden doesn't even deserve to be president. He stole the election!"

OK, I suspected that she was a Republican, as is almost everybody else in this neighborhood, but had no idea she was such a trumpian.

"trump! trump! trump!" she started chanting. And then even worse she belted out "Q! Q! Q! I never told you this but I went to a trump rally and had the best time of my life!"

A lot of alcohol was talking now, because I doubt that she would have gone into any of this if it weren't for the rum. I just accidentally messed up the cards on the table and said "oops! Game over!"

Yes or No: Monopoly sucks, and is a big reason many people don't like board games

Reasons it sucks:

1- The strategy never varies because the properties never vary. Every decent player adopts the same strategy. The luckiest player in the early going wins.

2- Although the winner is obvious early on, the other players have to go through the motions for two to four hours afterwards, just witnesses to the inevitable. The truly wise players will recognize their loss early and devise a way to get out ASAP and do something more fun away from the table.

3- The memory of all that drudgery turns off people to board games, altogether.

If you had to change the name of the United States to something else, what would it be?

Jefferson Davis's chair is being held for ransom. Will be turned into a toilet

if kidnappers' demands are not met.


The Daily Mail: Gaetz's arrest is imminent

"friend Joel Greenberg is believed to have turned on the congressman in the sex trafficking investigation against him, a source close to the probe tells DailyMail.com."

" at least one minor, a 17-year-old girl, after the alleged victim told a Florida grand jury that she had sex with the conservative Republican before she turned 18, "


A light bulb in the Livermore CA fire station has been burning continuously for 120 years

Old style incandescent bulb. Its signficance? It predates planned obsolescence as a corporate strategy. In the case of light bulbs, it was a collective, international, conspiratorial planned obsolescence.

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