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Goodheart's Journal
Goodheart's Journal
August 27, 2021

Fuck hurricanes

August 26, 2021

Things that make you go HMMMM

A couple of days ago I was driving back to Louisiana from North Carolina, and listening to Sirius as I usually do on such a long trip. Anyway, Howard Stern was replaying an interview with Sia, best known for the hit songs "Chandelier", "Titanium", "Diamonds", and for her breakthrough song "Breathe Me" in Six Feet Under's closing scene.

Well, this morning I got to wondering how David Ball chose "Breathe Me" as his closing moment to such a landmark series, considering that Sia was really an unknown at the time. So, a couple of web articles later, and with a better appreciation of how it was chosen, I replayed that scene a couple of times on YouTube, and got choked up all over again.

Anyway, after asking myself "why am I doing this to me?" I shut that down and walked over to the gym... turned on the TV to accompany my elliptical routine... the Kelly Clarkson Show was on... and guess what song Kelly was singing?

In all honesty, it didn't make me go HMMM, although it did cause a chuckle. I do NOT wonder about coincidences. A lot of other people take them as messages from some higher power, etc., but I am certain that this world would be much much stranger, with far more evidence for a creation plan, if they didn't happen at all.

August 20, 2021

Arizona audit results will be delivered to Senate today, and the report will be earth-shattering

So I hear.

A certain little pundit from the gateway told me. LOL

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