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Profile Information

Name: JuJuChen
Gender: Do not display
Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:29 PM
Number of posts: 1,929

About Me

left blank on purpose

Journal Archives

You really can't unsee this: If Arnold was in Titanic

Sorry for the image you'll have in your head from now on


War changes you

Ukrainian Soldiers.

Everyone mugging for the camera except that badass cat. Hes there to kill Russians and eat cat treats. And hes all out of treats.

I honestly feel Volodymyr would laugh at this


BEFORE I even got remotely into politics, I MAY or may not have inadvertently won free tickets to see Sean Hannity live over 10 years ago and I went. He came out on the stage on a motorcycle like a baboon. Just remember, free tickets aren't always good.

forgive me for my sin DU

Come clean

Did anyone on DU ever watch this?

My boss was Mr. Mgee

enjoy your day everyone

Bow wow wow

bet u thought it was a dog video, LONG LIVE THE 80'S!
seriously, this video had me laughing it's just so representative of the goofy 80's, enjoy!

Just so I'm clear

Roe vs Wade can be fixed in November right?

RIP Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode


One of my favorite bands, I saw them 6 times in one week in 1990! He will be missed.

Just sayin...

Good thing all those teachers had guns so the shooter couldn't kill anyone.
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