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Profile Information

Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: UsofA
Current location: Midwest
Member since: Sat Apr 15, 2017, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 4,336

About Me

And I got a performer recumbent this last summer.

Journal Archives

Governor Laura Kelly Announces Kansas to Receive $63 Million in FEMA Unemployment Funds

Whether its good or bad..a waste of peoples taxes, too little or too much..

i don't care...I think it will help those with bills and little income....

Governor Laura Kelly today announced her administration’s grant application for FEMA’s Lost Wages Assistance program (LWA) received federal approval and an award of $63 million to assist Kansans who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I appreciate the Federal Emergency Management Agency for its quick response to my administration’s application, and for making these funds available to those who need them throughout our state and nation,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “We will work to distribute these dollars as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep Kansas families in their homes and food on their tables. However, it is still critically important for Congress to create a coherent strategy and act on a long-term solution for those who have found themselves unable to work due to the pandemic’s impact on our economy.”

Just about ready to send the bent back to Taiwan..


About 8 weeks ago...Had fallen 4 times...On the right shoulder...On

left side...on my forearm...etc..eat gravel was my moto..

But gradually it started to work for me..Learned to plan my stops.

Got away from sudden steering moves just because the bent moved

around a little..Slowly...4 mile rides then 8 mile, 10 mile and

yesterday I did a 17 miler, with clip-less pedals on!! Had to be

really careful at the stops...Kept the left foot clipped in and

used the right to touch the ground..Still working on that, bottom

line...The bent is great! Lay back and enjoy the country..except

for the freaking occasional vehicle..slip on the mask to keep the

dust out of my lungs...Oh, btw..did I mention my rides are on dirt

and gravel?..I put a knobby on the front..20 x 1.7 and a semi cross

over..26 x 1.9 on the back..Work great on the township roads..

cheers! everyone..safe travels..

10s of thousands? Working at it?

They'll be looked upon as fed. agents.....

President Trump says he won't endorse Kansas Senate race

Check out the blockquote....

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — President Trump is normally very outspoken on his opinions and endorsements, but the President has been oddly quiet about the competitive U.S. Senate race in Kansas.

The top four republican U.S. Senate candidates are Kris Kobach, Dr. Roger Marshall, Bob Hamilton and Dave Lindstrom, with democrats Barbara Bollier and Robert Tillman also in the race. All four republican candidates have expressed their complete support for President Trump, but it sounds like the President is not likely to do the same.

President Trump has apparently told associates that he will not be endorsing or weighing in on the Kansas Senate race. But in other states, the President is quick to show his support for conservative candidates. On Friday, he tweeted support for a Senate candidate in Tennessee and Congresswoman in Indiana. So why is the Kansas race different?

According to political analyst Dr. Bob Beatty, the president is being pulled in two different directions. Candidate Kris Kobach has long supported Donald Trump, even before his election to President. Beatty says the two have a close relationship, while the other candidates do not.

“There’s really nobody in Kansas, really, that’s closer to Donald Trump than Kris Kobach. I mean he has this extensive relationship, said Dr. Beatty. “So, this is a personal decision for Donald Trump.”

But, on the other side, Dr. Beatty says it’s a political decision.

“Many republicans in D.C. are showing Trump polls saying that Kobach would lose in the General Election,” explained Beatty.

According to Beatty, top republicans think the best option to beat the democratic candidate in November is Dr. Roger Marshall. Therefore, they are pushing the President to endorse Marshall to avoid potentially losing an important republican seat in the U.S. Senate.
Even political action committees (PACs) with ties to the Democratic Party are putting out ads supporting Kobach in the primary election because they believe democratic front-runner Barbara Bollier could beat him in the general election.

For now, President Trump is choosing to stay silent on the race, but Dr. Beatty says it wouldn’t be unusual for the President to make a last minute endorsement before election day on Tuesday.

“A last minute endorsement by Donald Trump could swing a close race,” added Beatty.


Patrick Mahomes becoming part owner of Kansas City Royals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is joining the ownership group of the Kansas City Royals. The Royals announced the addition of Mahomes, the star quarterback who led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl title last season, on Tuesday. Mahomes was once a baseball prospect and was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2014.

'We can't keep up': Demand amid COVID-19 leaves few bicycles in Kansas City shops

Silver lining?..


Two dozen bicycles line the front window of Midwest Cyclery’s bike shop in Midtown Kansas City. But these bikes aren’t for sale. They’re waiting for repairs.

Owner Christina Decker said she’d normally never have used bikes on display. But after a surge in sales the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic, combined with a manufacturing shortage, Kansas City area bike shops are low on stock and backed up on repairs.

“Our shop is now inundated with 140-plus repairs waiting to be done,” Decker said. “The amount of repairs that we have in reflects the lack of bikes we don’t have.”

Just bought a recumbent...love to bike..Over the years has helped control my asthma..STrong bodies....

Chris Jones looking for $20M per year 'or I won't play'

Chris!! Baby!...Your good...occasionally..Couldn't do much against san frans linemen...

seem to always have an ailment that keeps you from going 100%...You go hard the

next season and maybe the chiefs can pony up a little more...

Standout defensive lineman Chris Jones and his Super Bowl-champion Chiefs have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal.

However, if Jones, who the team applied the franchise tag to in March, doesn't get the deal he's desiring, it might be well past mid-July until Kansas City sees the uber-talented DL again.

NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported Tuesday on NFL Total Access that Jones has "always viewed himself as a $20 million-plus" per-year player, but that the Chiefs have never seen him in such a light and have never offered him that substantial an amount. Hence, Garafolo added there is "a lot of work to be done," if a long-term pact is to be had and Garafolo's not confident it will happen.

Jones, a 2019 Pro Bowler, replied via Twitter to a reply to a video of Garafolo's report that a holdout might be in store.

"Or I won't play. Le'Veon Bell told me about this," Jones' tweet read.


"horrendous decision"

To save lives...Stumpy isn't the only winger trying to kill people...

And it's that simple, isn't it? The yellow haired traitor pushed opening up

the country, pushed bullshit about masks and set a queer example for the

nation trying to get over this pandemic..


A Johnson County commissioner urged constituents to contact Gov. Laura Kelly about her “horrendous decision.” A Republican U.S. Senate candidate said he shuddered at the thought of the state government telling people what to wear.

Kelly’s plan to require face masks in public spaces to fight a new spike in coronavirus cases in Kansas sparked an immediate backlash on Tuesday that threatened to undercut the mandate even before it goes into effect Friday. Conservative politicians dismissed the order as inappropriate and some county leaders suggested they may try to overturn it.

The fight is playing out ahead of a long Independence Day weekend that will feature gatherings centered on cookouts, fireworks and parades — all of it risking further spread of the virus.

Ace hardware...

Had been avoiding going anywhere for tools, hardware..But I really

needed some bolts..So I went into the ace hardware in augusta..with

mask in place..Got that first look by the helpers, to see who and then

looking down quick..No one, but me has a mask on...One of them took

me to where the fasteners were..messed around finding the right ones and

then as we were heading up to the cash register, which by the way the

owner had put a big piece of plexiglas up so the cashier wouldn't be breathed

on.., I asked the guy that had helped me if it worried him not wearing a

mask? They deal with a lot of people during the day.."No, he said" "Haven't

worn one from the beginning.."....Might think that the heavy resurgence of

the virus in 24 states...as in worst than before...Might, just might make a person

think about wearing a mask..
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