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Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: UsofA
Current location: Midwest
Member since: Sat Apr 15, 2017, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 4,337

About Me

And I got a performer recumbent this last summer.

Journal Archives

Orman treasurer resigns, endorses Kelly in Kansas governor race

Well done Greg!! Hopefully Tim will follow suit...Quickly


The campaign treasurer for independent Greg Orman resigned his position on Tuesday and endorsed Democrat Laura Kelly in the Kansas race for governor.

Tim Owens, a former Republican state senator, said it is time to unite behind Kelly, a Topeka state senator, in an effort to stop Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

“I’ve been a friend and colleague to Greg Orman for several years. I supported his run for Senate in 2014 and until today I supported his run for governor. However, this is a critical election for Kansas. We cannot risk the future of our state,” Owens said in a statement released by the Kelly campaign.

Read more here: https://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article220853690.html#storylink=cpy

'Big Bang Theory' Credits Call Trump 'Fascist, Hate-Filled, Fear-Mongering, Demagogic'

Source: Newsbusters...

Viewers who tuned in for The Big Bang Theory’s October 25 episode “The Imitation Perturbation" were treated to more than the story arc of the week, namely the feuds surrounding couples impersonating each other for Halloween. Those who watched until the very last second may have noticed a very political "vanity card" for Chuck Lorre’s Productions that blasted President Trump as "a fascist, hate-filled, fear-mongering, demagogic, truth-shattering, autocratic golf cheater."

Placed between the finals credits and Warner Bros. logo, the vanity card remained on screen for under three seconds.

Chuck Lorre Productions, #598

My Prayer

God, (I call you that even though I suspect thou art well beyond names and words and might actually be some sort of ineffable quantum situation), I humbly beseech thee to make thy presence known on November 6th. Demonstrate your omnipotence through us as we make ink marks on little circles in curtained booths. Of course if you, in your divine wisdom, believe a fascist, hate-filled, fear-mongering, demagogic, truth-shattering, autocratic golf cheater is what we need right now, then, you know, thy will be done. But if thou art inclined to more freedom, more love, more compassion, and just more of the good stuff thou hath been promoting in our hearts or our parietal lobes - either one, doesn’t really matter - I submissively ask that thy encourage voter turnout in that general direction. Also God, please help Bob Mueller. Guide him and make him strong, brave, wise and true. And yes, I know there must be thousands of guys named Bob Mueller, so why not help them all, just to be on the safe side. Amen.

Oh, almost forgot, remind those who collaborate with the darkness that thou art the light, and the light is not above whipping out a little Old Testament wrath. Amen again.

Read more: https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/rebecca-downs/2018/10/29/big-bang-theory-credits-feature-prayer-shows-creator-calling

Whether your beliefs are with Christianity or not...the prayer really hits home with not just words but with cred from the producer of an award winning tv sitcom but with its accuracy and boldness..

Man allegedly misled bank, used $200K loan on marijuana shop

Source: HeraldNetg

EVERETT — When a man applied for a Small Business Administration loan, the bank didn’t realize he reportedly was going to use the money for his marijuana business.

Now, he’s being charged with first-degree theft in Snohomish County Superior Court.

In 2014, the 40-year-old man allegedly told an Everett bank he would use the $206,900 loan for HVAC equipment. He said it would be installed in a Lyman-based storage facility that would service contractors working in water damage remediation, according to charging papers filed in court Monday.

He reportedly told everyone else, including the city of Lyman and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, that he would use the same building solely for marijuana production.

The defendant had good reason to want the SBA loan. Compared with other financing options, the loan offers lower down payments and longer repayment terms.

One problem: the SBA doesn’t allow loans to borrowers who make, sell or distribute products “in connection with illegal activity.” From the federal agency’s perspective, that includes marijuana.

Inspectors visited the site two years after the loan was approved. They found the defendant wasn’t providing services to water remediation contractors. He was running a business producing marijuana, with the necessary permits and licenses.

The bank informed the SBA that it would not have approved the loan if it knew the truth.

The defendant has no other criminal history. An arraignment is scheduled in November.

Read more: https://www.heraldnet.com/news/man-allegedly-misled-bank-used-200k-loan-on-marijuana-shop/


Have you heard, there's a lot of points being scored in the NFL!

Do you agree why?

It’s in part because of offensive innovations, in part because the league is legislating defense out of the game, and in part because there are a lot of really talented offensive players and not nearly as many talented defensive players.


It may be the defenses will get better at the back end of the season after adjusting to
rules limiting their aggressiveness..imho

judge: Videotape of Kobach deposition won't be made public

Judge was a bush appointee I believe...Anyway kohacks attorney
didn't want it shown because it might hurt the little fucker during
the election run up...And that the public's interest was served
during the federal trial...I say bull s#$t!!! The public needs
to see how this jerk has hurt the voting processes in kansaas,
how he lied about the need for more stringent voter registration

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) - A federal judge says a videotaped deposition of Secretary of State Kris Kobach won't be released to the public.

The Kansas City Star reports Judge Julie Robinson's ruling on Thursday prevents the American Civil Liberties Union from releasing the tape.

The deposition includes details about Kobach's private talks with President Donald Trump and members of Congress. A transcript of the video is public.

Robinson said the public's interest was served when the deposition was viewed at a federal trial earlier this year and when the transcript was unsealed.

An attorney in Kobach's office argued the videotape could be used for attack ads in Kobach's campaign for governor.

An ACLU attorney suggested Kobach didn't want the videotape released because it detailed efforts to make it more difficult for citizens to vote.


Its gonna be a tight one...


Governor----- Dates---------- Pollster--------------------- Result-----------------Net result
Kansas-------Oct 19-20----Public Policy Polling-------Kelly 41%---41% Kobach---even

Davis, Watkins plaster each other with 'liar' label in 2nd District debate

Sounds familiar? Flim flam man looking to serve kansans in any way that will make him a buck...
His own party calling him a con man with no integrity...Kansas has had too many kohacks and brownbutts
and liars and borderline crooks, over the last decade or so...Gonna go vote today...

Republican Steve Watkins and Democrat Paul Davis aggressively challenged the truthfulness and integrity of each other Monday night in a televised debate among candidates in the 2nd District of eastern Kansas.

Davis, a Lawrence attorney who served a dozen years in the Kansas House, said he was running for Congress to restore bipartisan work ethic to politics of Washington, D.C.

He also questioned why Watkins claimed to be a fan of Donald Trump, but didn’t vote for the GOP nominee in 2016. He said Watkins often bragged about starting a business overseas, but that didn’t match reality. He said Watkins was fond of highlighting Kansas roots, but owns two homes in Alaska and none in Kansas.

Fellow Republicans have called my opponent, Steve Watkins, a liar, a fraud and a rank opportunist,” Davis said. “We have a broken Congress and we have no choice but to fix it. It starts by sending a proven problem solver to represent us in Washington.”

Watkins, who grew up in Topeka but spent most of the past two decades in college, the U.S. Army or working as a private contractor in overseas, told the KTWU audience in a forum sponsored by the Kansas League of Women Voters that Davis was a career politician using lies to detract from his liberal instincts.

“In the Kansas Statehouse, Paul Davis has racked up an extremely liberal voting record, perfect fit for his district in east Lawrence, but not in line with Kansas 2nd,” Watkins said. “Paul likes tax hikes, abortions and higher spending. He will do everything and anything to detract you from his voting record, and most notably, lying about mine.”

Watkins rejected published reports and Davis’ assertions that he misled people about his role as building an engineering security company in Afghanistan and Iraq
. And, Watkins repeated an allegation Davis would back U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi for a House leadership post, despite assurances by Davis that he wouldn’t.

“He lies,” Watkins said.

The only candidate in the Topeka studio who didn’t portray a rival as gigantic fibber — Libertarian Party nominee Kelly Standley — did conclude neither the Republican nor Democratic parties could be trusted to properly represent Kansans.

“The problem we have today is that current representatives choose to represent their party instead of their constituents. It is time to clean the muck out of the swamp,” Standley said.

Voters in the district decide Nov. 6 on a replacement for U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, a five-term Republican who didn’t seek re-election.


Trump demonstrators uneasy with fencing installed at Expocentre


A measure of how ill the country is of cheetoz and its brand of sick
campaigning lies and distortions. I'd like to go just to see the hard
wired donnybots frothing at the mouth just to get a glimpse of their
hero. I've seen them at state fairs when brownbutt was around..
positively sick in their admiration for people that are stealing and
lying to them. Such a polar opposite to progressives...

A temporary fence of the type used to restrain livestock went up Thursday on the east side of the Kansas Expocentre along areas designated for demonstrators at the weekend rally with President Donald Trump.

Trump is scheduled to speak at 6:30 p.m. Saturday to thousands at a Make America Great Again rally in Landon Arena, which was named for 1936 Republican presidential nominee Alf Landon. Trump’s visit is part of a national tour to promote Republican candidates heading into mid-term elections in November.

Preparations for the event include logistics of handling people intent on protesting or celebrating outside the arena. That included installation of gating parallel to the sidewalk on a two-block stretch of S.W. Topeka Boulevard.

The enclosure caught two people planning to protest Trump’s policies off guard. Both questioned the necessity of a barrier.

“Only a year ago at a right-wing rally, someone was murdered by a car driver,” said the Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan. “We now have the potential of hundreds of people being trapped between a wall and high-density traffic. Who thought this was a good idea and approved it?”

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