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Maxheader's Journal
Maxheader's Journal
March 3, 2018

Gov. Colyer open to arming teachers; Kansas earns F grade on gun safety

I remember it well, a reputation for an easy going lifestyle...a great place to raise a family
and plentiful jobs within the aerospace industry's here. The "air capital of the world".
Wonder now, with 8 years of the brownback 'experiment' and with the kobach loon seeking
the governship, what people outside the state think? Would the children be safe? With such
slack gun laws, why take the chance?

Gov. Jeff Colyer’s recommendation to allow school teachers to carry firearms in schools coincided Friday with issuance of a national report awarding Kansas a failing grade for laws on gun safety.

Colyer, a Johnson County surgeon who assumed the governorship in January, said establishment of an initiative placing guns in the hands of qualified teachers was a viable option in the wake of mass shootings at schools.

“That is one thing people can do,” the Republican governor said. “There are a lot of things we can do to improve this, whether it is improving security at the schools (or) the architecture.”

Colyer said the state’s delivery of mental health services ought to be a significant part of solutions for student safety.

The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, of Washington, D.C., gave Kansas an “F” on its Annual Gun Law Scorecard, which assesses each state on the strength of its gun laws.

Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, a Topeka Democrat and school teacher for 43 years, said Kansas school districts ought to invest in fortifying buildings to deny access to intruders. He said handing firearms to teachers throughout the education system would be unwise.

“Schools are gun-free zones, and we don’t want to turn them into war zones,” Hensley said.

House Minority Leader Jim Ward, D-Wichita, said expecting teachers to perform duties of a law enforcement officer during an emergency could put more people in danger.

“The truth of the matter is well-trained, experienced sharpshooters make mistakes in high-stress, active-shooter situations. To expect people who have been trained to educate children to be able to also step into a role as some sort of cop is unrealistic and is wrong,” Ward said.

The Giffords Law Center’s grade for Kansas reflected the state’s implementation of a law allowing concealed carry of handguns inside university buildings and the passage of a law eliminating training, background check and permit requirements for a person to carry concealed in the state.

In terms of a state-by-state ranking, the Giffords Law Center said Kansas had the 48th weakest gun laws because of the absence of universal background checks and lack of a statute preventing domestic abusers from buying or owning guns.

“Year after year, our research shows that states that get serious about passing stronger gun violence prevention laws have a much better chance of reducing the number of deaths linked to firearms,” said Robyn Thomas, the center’s executive director.

The Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee is scheduled Tuesday to consider House Bill 2145, which would prohibit possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a misdemeanor for domestic violence in the past five years.

On Feb. 22, the Kansas House canceled debate on a bill authorizing public school districts to offer a firearms course sanctioned by the National Rifle Association.

Colyer said he was aware of a need for state government to work collaboratively with local districts to formulate a comprehensive response to violence.

“The best solution in Atwood is a very differe
nt solution in Wichita,” the governor said.
March 1, 2018

KU! KU! Ku!

Whats not to like? Liberal school...
and silo tech, k' state..bastion of conservative idiotologys is gone!!


February 28, 2018

Kobach, Colyer compete over who loves the NRA more. Is that what Kansas voters want?

Kobach is pure scum..Bastard should have his nuts cut off...

Is the recent movement in public opinion on gun laws the harbinger of another #MeToo or another Arab Spring? We still don’t know if the shift is temporary or a tipping point.

But Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer and Secretary of State Kris Kobach, both Republicans who are running for governor, seem to be betting that it’s only a blip as they compete for gold stars from the National Rifle Association.

A new CNN poll taken after the massacre of 17 students and teachers in Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, shows a big shift in a short time: Seventy percent of those surveyed now support stricter gun laws. That’s up from 52 percent in October, right after 58 people were fatally shot in Las Vegas, and it’s the highest level of support for tightening restrictions since 1993.

All the same, Kobach is trying to get the NRA to hold its annual convention in Kansas. He wrote in a Breitbart column, “The time has come for schools to allow willing teachers, coaches, and staff to be armed.” Armed school resource officers, Kobach wrote, “are not enough ... If there are multiple armed teachers and staff in a school, then the response time can be reduced to seconds, rather than minutes.” Not only that, but states that already “permit teachers to carry need to revisit their laws to ensure that it is not too difficult for teachers who want approval to receive it.”

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/
February 16, 2018

Kobach renews 14-year campaign to rid Kansas of in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants

improper benefit is having kobak slide into a governorship just because he was close to one, and shares sams screw the masses, and eliminate taxes for my business buddies.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach renewed a 14-year battle Thursday to repeal a Kansas law granting in-state tuition rates to qualifying college students who aren’t U.S. citizens.

He testified on behalf of a bill that would end as of July 1 the benefit offered to people who graduated from an accredited Kansas high school or earned a general equivalency degree and began the process of acquiring citizenship. The in-state tuition rate is about one-third of the out-of-state assessment.

Kobach pressed the House Higher Education Budget Committee to have the courage to end what he described as an improper benefit offered to undocumented immigrants in Kansas and 17 other states. Kansas law perversely incentivizes undocumented immigrants who stay in Kansas to attend college, he said.

Kansas would reap the benefit of having these people get an education and live here. Having survived the world of undocumented workers in americu, they would be hard and smart workers...
February 14, 2018

1st Order of business?

Tax breaks for for the commercial real estate brokers. Salina? Lived there most of my early life..be interesting to hear who has his leash.

Republican Gov. Jeff Colyer selected a Salina commercial real estate broker and former congressional candidate Tuesday night to serve as the state’s lieutenant governor and create a balanced rural-urban ticket for the 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

Colyer, barely two weeks into his reign as Kansas governor, chose Tracey Mann, to be his state government understudy and to be responsible for whipping up votes in rural Kansas ahead of the crowded GOP primary in August.

With the pick, Colyer avoided an alliance with a person closely associated with former Gov. Sam Brownback, who exited Kansas politics as one of the nation’s most unpopular chief executives.

“Tracey has been a leader on economic development and rural issues in Kansas for years,” Colyer said. “I’m really excited to have Tracey join the team.”
Mann has never held elective office, but ran in the Republican Party’s primary during 2010 for the 1st District congressional seat. In that race, he grabbed national headlines for saying twice within a span of 30 days that President Barack Obama needed to produce a birth certificate that clearly affirmed his U.S. citizenship. There is irrefutable evidence that Hawaii is Obama’s place of birth.

February 12, 2018

Chris Koboke..still in the news...

wasn't it snotty scotty walker..that had some of his people abusing funds for their vets?

Kris Kobach on board of veterans group not using money for vets..

A business watchdog has found that only a small portion of money from a Missouri-based veterans’ group that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is associated with actually goes toward helping veterans.

Kobach is listed as a member of the advisory board for Veterans in Defense of Liberty, a Springfield, Mo.,-based nonprofit with a stated mission of upholding the Constitution, the Kansas City Star reports. Kobach is also running for governor of Kansas.

The Better Business Bureau released a report this week giving the group a failing grade because only a small fraction of the nonprofit’s money goes toward veterans’ issues.

“This is the first I’ve heard of any suggestion that the monies raised by the charity aren’t going to the various causes for veterans,” Kobach said Thursday.
February 1, 2018

It is gone, but never forget..

what a swine brownback was.

Jeff Colyer was sworn in as governor Wednesday replacing Sam Brownback, who left to become ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. Colyer promised “a new day in Kansas.”

Republican Jeffrey William Colyer promised a “new day in Kansas” Wednesday shortly after he was sworn in as Kansas’ 47th governor to replace Sam Brownback, who stepped down to become President Donald Trump’s ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom.

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