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Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: UsofA
Current location: Midwest
Member since: Sat Apr 15, 2017, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 4,334

About Me

And I got a performer recumbent this last summer.

Journal Archives

Tough game..

KC and the saints. I thought the saints played dirty. Was glad to see breez playing though

question the smarts of that with 11 cracked ribs, one punctured lung. Never much cared for the

saints after the "bounty" bs....

I'm from Kansas...

But I lived in Seattle off and on for 3 years..Representing Wichita Boeing (when it was boeing).

And I found the city and surrounding areas..really great. Worked up in Everett and in

Bellvue. Nice cities.

So I read from the rightys that the area is going downhill. That the 'black lives matter'

and liberal policys have taken down the culture..I find that absurd. Large cities have their cycles, their ups

and downs.

Does anyone here really think the area is gone completely over to drugs and homelessness?

Trump concession speech..

There was a really excellent concession speech put together from various

video of stumpys' speeches...

Anyone know where it is? tia..

TWEEEeet! Booth Review!!

Saints are being picked on!!!

Half a million...brother

The NFL has fined the New Orleans Saints $500,000 and stripped the team of a seventh-round pick for not wearing masks during their postgame locker room celebrations after a Week 9 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

According to ESPN, the Saints have appealed the decision and believe that other teams across the NFL have celebrated victories without wearing masks, but have instead avoided punishment.

Video of countless Saints players and head coach Sean Payton that was shared to social media went viral shortly after the team's 38–3 win over Tampa Bay. ESPN previously reported that the NFL noticed multiple players not wearing masks during the locker room celebrations, which is in violation of this year's NFL COVID-19 protocols.

The discipline is similar to what the Oakland Raiders received earlier this season when, in early November, the NFL fined the Raiders $500,000 and head coach Jon Gruden $150,000. It also stripped Oakland of a sixth-round draft pick.

"The fines are draconian," Raiders owner Mark Davis said at the time.

The Saints, like the Raiders, are repeat offenders to the league's COVID-19 protocols.

In mid-September, Payton, like Gruden, was fined $100,000 for improperly wearing face coverings in the NFL bench area.

The Patriots were also reportedly $350,000 fined on Sunday for COVID-19 protocol violations stemming from issues in October.

The Saints face the Broncos on Sunday. Kickoff is set for 4:05 p.m. ET.


We don't need no stinking quarterback..


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- In the on-field scenario many in the league feared the most with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Denver Broncos plan to play the New Orleans Saints on Sunday with no available quarterbacks for the game.

The Broncos' three eligible quarterbacks -- Drew Lock, Brett Rypien and Blake Bortles -- were each deemed to be a "high-risk" close contact to quarterback Jeff Driskel, and none of the three can be in uniform for Sunday's game, sources told ESPN.

KC vs raiders

They find a way to win..!

Wish the d was better...

Tampa next...

Hits home today...

Went in for a doctors appointment today...needed the surgeon that took a melanoma

off of me last year to look at the scar...Now I haven't been anywhere with strict rules

regarding the virus..Yeah I wear a mask in walmart. Thats about the extent of my

experiences. So I enter the clinic and there is a nurse with one of those temperature

guns..She asks me if I phoned

the surgeons nurse? I didn't know I was supposed to.

She points to a sign on the entry door, which I hadn't looked at, with a phone number

to check in prior to entry. As she is explaining this to me, a person is coming through

the door and tells the nurse the number isn't working...So she tells us to go ahead and

go inside the lobby and check in...Clear plexi-glass screens are in front of the personel.

I check in, go up to the 2nd floor and am just getting into a game of solitar, when the

nurse that helped the surgeon on my neck..roughly a year ago, comes and gets me. Takes

me back into the examination room and tells me the doctor is at home with the corona!

She calls up the surgeon at home and uses her cell video cam to show him the scar..

Later I asked her what happens to those clinic personel that test postive and if they get

tested regularly..She said the tests are to hard to get to use them like common sense says

they should...every day. But, If she were to test positive, she would continue to work until

symptoms showed up...And to all that I give a big salute to the healthcare workers of

whatever discipline, for staying on the job...


fwiw..I asked the front door nurse with the temp gun what it was and if it would turn me into a republican...she laughed..

Rock legend Eddy V has past..

Last of the rockers that knew how to play a guitor, knew how to play rock and roll...fuck rap music..

RIP wild guy...You were fantastic..

Eddie Van Halen, the legendary guitarist for the band Van Halen, has died of cancer, his son announced Tuesday. He was 65.

"Every moment I've shared with him on and off stage was a gift," Wolfgang Van Halen wrote in a short statement posted on Twitter. "My heart is broken and I don't think I'll ever fully recover from this loss."


Kansas could do something in November it hasn't done in almost 100 years

And why not? They elected a democrat guvnor!

The last time Kansas sent a Democrat to the US Senate, the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby was all over the news. "Tarzan the Ape Man" was a hit movie. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt won his first term, crushing incumbent Herbert Hoover.

The year, as you history majors out there have probably already figured out, was 1932.

That was 88 years ago. And proving that nothing lasts forever, Republican dominance of Kansas' two Senate seats is in real jeopardy of coming to an end in 33 days' time. And while Republican Rep. Roger Marshall is still favored to beat state Sen. Barbara Bollier (D) on November 3, the fact that the race is even marginally competitive speaks to how much the state has changed in just the last four years under President Donald Trump.

In 2016, President Donald Trump won Kansas by 21 points, a margin very similar to the 22-point win that Mitt Romney ran up in the Sunflower State four years earlier. (The last Democrat to win Kansas at the presidential level was Lyndon Johnson in 1964.) But the state -- led by the increasingly Democratic Kansas City suburbs -- has moved away from Trump's version of tough-talking Republicanism in recent years.


By God we'll play football come hell or high water!!!!

With football starting up over the last couple of weeks...wonder if the nice flat and downward

spiraling graphs of successful corona avoidance programs will start going the other direction...

Both in the college and pro teams....

But he also said this season will be unpredictable when it comes to handling COVID.

Nothing unpredictable about it coach...You mask, You social distance...rules that work..

The latest college football game to be postponed because of a coronavirus outbreak has to leave the Kansas State Wildcats feeling uneasy today.

Arkansas State announced Tuesday that its home opener against Central Arkansas will not be played as originally scheduled Saturday because the Red Wolves are unable to assemble a complete two-deep depth chart for the game.

K-State played Arkansas State over the weekend at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, with the Red Wolves winning 35-31. Both teams dealt with COVID-19 absences in that game, as Arkansas State was down nearly 10 starters and K-State was without approximately two dozen players. But both sides had enough active personnel to play.

Things have apparently gotten worse for Arkansas State since Saturday. Could a coronavirus outbreak on Arkansas State’s football team make it difficult for K-State to play its next game against Oklahoma on Sept. 26?

Earlier this week, K-State coach Chris Klieman said he expected to get several players back over the next two weeks. But he also said this season will be unpredictable when it comes to handling COVID.
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