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Profile Information

Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: UsofA
Current location: Midwest
Member since: Sat Apr 15, 2017, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 4,336

About Me

And I got a performer recumbent this last summer.

Journal Archives

Any options to at&t hotspot data plans?

I bought into a Mobile Share 9GBs data plan for 70$..hotspot plus cell..with fees taxes etc it will be around 95$.
The 9gb is going fast..over half in one week..after it runs out the download speed goes to 128kbps..barely open some links..

The cheapest unlimited plan that goes to 30gbps is 85$ base plus 40$ for the unlimited particpant plan plus taxes..around 150$..
And it has a 30 gbps hotspot limit...which would be nice...But its still to pricey...I have another week, free status on a 2 week
'cancel without penalty' rule...

Any better plans with hotspots at 30 - 50 gbps?

Big Game!!

For kansaas..

Kansas..number uno in the country vs kansas state...a failure this year..

There was a brawl at the last home ku/ksu game..


There are people still serving suspension.

In in the paper, self, ku coach , said there would be no problems..I say anything could happen..

12:30 pm.....

Made the switch..


Well I had no choice,,vir/mobil is sending all their accts to boost mobil. Who I had absolutely no luck with..got screwed out of 50$....So I bailed a couple days ago..went at&t...initially 66$/month for internet and phone (LGK40). I bumped up to another package, on the direct tv..50$ to 60$/month and change..Last couple days been trying to get everything turned on...The direct tv tech was great..Finally got the phone working but when I tried to get a wireless connection to the desktop, I found out package wasn't setup for hotspot..Went to 70$/month..internet and phone..Then it was a little time getting all the different numbers, imei..ssid in the right places..net gear wireless adapter finally started working...after I put in the correct wifi password...

Used to be 0.75mbps was tops for virgin mobil broadband2go...did a download speed test a sec ago...hit over 20mbps!!! I'm in heaven...

Number 3 KU beats number 1 Baylor!!!

Sucks having to watch on a semi updating sports site...

38 - 24..Chiefs..

Of course..
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