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Profile Information

Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: UsofA
Current location: Midwest
Member since: Sat Apr 15, 2017, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 4,336

About Me

And I got a performer recumbent this last summer.

Journal Archives

"horrendous decision"

To save lives...Stumpy isn't the only winger trying to kill people...

And it's that simple, isn't it? The yellow haired traitor pushed opening up

the country, pushed bullshit about masks and set a queer example for the

nation trying to get over this pandemic..


A Johnson County commissioner urged constituents to contact Gov. Laura Kelly about her “horrendous decision.” A Republican U.S. Senate candidate said he shuddered at the thought of the state government telling people what to wear.

Kelly’s plan to require face masks in public spaces to fight a new spike in coronavirus cases in Kansas sparked an immediate backlash on Tuesday that threatened to undercut the mandate even before it goes into effect Friday. Conservative politicians dismissed the order as inappropriate and some county leaders suggested they may try to overturn it.

The fight is playing out ahead of a long Independence Day weekend that will feature gatherings centered on cookouts, fireworks and parades — all of it risking further spread of the virus.

Ace hardware...

Had been avoiding going anywhere for tools, hardware..But I really

needed some bolts..So I went into the ace hardware in augusta..with

mask in place..Got that first look by the helpers, to see who and then

looking down quick..No one, but me has a mask on...One of them took

me to where the fasteners were..messed around finding the right ones and

then as we were heading up to the cash register, which by the way the

owner had put a big piece of plexiglas up so the cashier wouldn't be breathed

on.., I asked the guy that had helped me if it worried him not wearing a

mask? They deal with a lot of people during the day.."No, he said" "Haven't

worn one from the beginning.."....Might think that the heavy resurgence of

the virus in 24 states...as in worst than before...Might, just might make a person

think about wearing a mask..

New bike coming in tomorrow...From Taiwan..

Never rode a bent before..its going to be a challenge from everything I've read
and the youtube vids...some of those are pretty hilarious..I do a lot of dirtroad
biking on the specialized hardrock..some asphalt with the spec tri-cross...This is
going to be completely different...for awhile...


Ivanka Trump snub at Wichita State could threaten WSU president's job, Koch support

Unfucking believable...Hell the students didn't want her there..the students
GET IT!!!...


Wichita State donors are threatening to cut ties and pull support from the university if the Kansas Board of Regents don’t dump president Jay Golden for canceling Ivanka Trump’s commencement speech.

The flap over cancellation of President Trump’s daughter’s speech to students at the university’s separate trade-school campus threatens a multi-million-dollar relationship with Wichita’s largest private corporation, Koch Industries, according to a former state regent with deep ties to WSU.

The Kansas Board of Regents has called a special meeting Wednesday afternoon to reportedly decide Golden’s future at the university.

Triple digit increase in new COVID-19 cases reported in Kansas City metro area Saturday..

Yeah baby, The yellow haired idiot in the white house sez its all over..

Wonder how long the people that went back to work over the last week will go back to staying at the house?

The Kansas City metropolitan had a triple digit increase in new coronavirus cases Saturday as 141 new cases of the virus and three more deaths were identified.


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