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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: AK
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,529

Journal Archives

Meet WA State Supreme Court Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis

Article in Seattle Met.


“”WHEN RAQUEL MONTOYA-LEWIS walks the halls of Olympia’s Temple of Justice, intimidation fairly radiates from its marble pillars—and from the long line of supreme court justice portraits. “There are zero who look like me,” says the five-foot, onetime law professor, appointed in December to the state’s highest court. This year, its nine justices will rule on drug sentences and potato farm disputes, sexual assault exams and, inevitably and repeatedly, the constitutionality of car tabs; Montoya-Lewis will run to retain her seat in November. As only the second Native American state supreme court justice in the country, she wields insight from her Pueblo of Isleta tribe and her mother’s Jewish roots, from tribal courts and a stint on Whatcom County Superior Court. That collected wisdom boils down to a simple directive tattooed on her forearm, lettered around an eagle feather and gavel: “Be kind. Do justice.” –AW “”

I bought some black bean hummus

Just got out the chips I had for a snack. White bean nacho cheese! Haha

Bean a licious!

I bean alone too long?

Give peas a chance!

NWAmbulance Service covers FooFighters Times Like These - BBC style


Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Dermot Kennedy - Giants

Excellent new find! Excellent voice!


WA State Democratic Party - volunteer link


The party is organizing for home work. Calling from your home to GOTV.

There are vids for training and several upcoming days scheduled for Phone banking.

I must do something to help make sure tRump is NOT re-elected. I must.

I won a prize from the Greenwood car show n cruise

A fire extinguisher! I assume for a vehicle.
Just got the call.

Saturday Sarge (my Hummer H3) and I participated in the cruise and food drive. The man that called said that we brought in over 400lbs of food and the raffle did well too. I bought two $5 chances. Woot!

Was a great cruise with stops and then people had a chance to socially distance/ mask mingle a bit and talk cars.

Imma a Chevy girl and there were plenty of beauties! Lots of mustangs too. Many international brands of all classes and even two hydro boats on trailers.

I don’t have a fire extinguisher in Sarge so will have to make room among the emerg gear.

Peace! And cars!

Sitting at a bar...

On the tiny split patio. Totally by myself.
I am in NW Seattle in the Phinney neighborhood. On the corner is a tiny building. Three things on the sign.


But the best part is the (now vintage) poster of the HOPE Obama poster. It’s faded but lovely. O. M. G.

I love sitting here and then suddenly looking over and seeing the man of the century!
My man.

Barack Obama


Ladies and gents...Tom Petty! Girl on LSD

Ha! Don’t remember hearing this before but I have been on Lake Shore Drive a time or two.

This is THE BOMB. I chose the live version. Have fun!

Edit to add: watching the concert. This was the third song in the set. A new one he said.


My sis sent me a virtual hug

It meant so much. And then I sent it to some I know are having hard times and some I miss relentlessly.

I wawanna pay it forward here too.

all ya’ll

Can’t make the image appear. Darn it

It’s a ghost hug.
You can’t feel it but it’s there!

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