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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: AK
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,438

Journal Archives

Sheryl Crow Halfway There

Heard it for the first time today. It's certainly relevant! Gonna try to post here as vid. We'll see! Ha.
Mr. Lebowski...if it doesn't work maybe you can school me? Been searching for instructable in forums but haven't found yet. Here goes!

Trump and the true meaning of "Idiot"

A NYTimes op ed that looks at the ancient Greek meaning of the word idiot. AND confirms what we already know to be true!!!

By Eric Anthamatten


No longer a karaoke virgin!

I "hit it with my best shot" last night.
...With the help of one double shot of killya.

Pat Benatar fans?

Karaoke fans??

I guess I'd do it again. One thing I observed was the "brotherhood" in music.
Some folk got smattering applause. Some got a rousing applause. All had a good time. Instant friends if you both loved a song!
Good times. I love people!

What the fuck just happened today?

"Today's essential newsletter. Logging the daily shock and awe of national politics"
By @matt_kiser

Subscribe here:

I am not affiliated but have subscribed for awhile now. Day 140 is a doozy with all the Comey news.

If I happen to miss out on something it is almost always in my email box.
Decided to give it a shout out here.

Dylan's Nobel Lecture

Is posted in the DU Lounge. FYI

IMHO. It is good. He shares exactly how he is/was inspired when he writes - and founded in literature.
Cool. F'n cool.

Comey testimony to be carried live by NBC ABC CBS

...according to CNN. The article is titled Washington's Super Bowl.
It stated that it was pretty unusual for these three networks to carry a live Congressional Hearing.

I try not to get my hopes too high about clearing out the Whitehouse but this and other unprecedented "acts" do at least keep the hope alive!!!


I will be watching! Popcorn in lap!

Pants check!

Nope. None here!

88 bottles of beer...

off the wall. 88 bottles of beer!
Um, That's how many I was able to sing down off the WALL in 12 miles today. Had to pee and it was 12 mi to WALL, SD! 😄

Now I am "tucked in" in a cabin in Sturgis. Had some wings and turkey 101 on the rocks. Ready for some zzzzz's.

I had to think about Donnie small hands getting lost in the Badlands and never being seen or heard from (or tweeting) again. Ever.

Yep. Those will be my last thoughts for sweet dreams tonight.

Route 66 is BACK in Springfield MO!

Cruising on Kearney (Route 66 thru Springfield) was banned back in the 90s.
Last night it was back BIGTIME!

We cruised the strip twice then parked for a while. Damn. I had whiplash! SO freakin many cars, trucks and rods! And people!
I loved all the Chevys and Corvettes!
Here's a link with some pictures.


Pacific NW Bucket list

I am moving to WA state this weekend.
Gonna ask here for your favorites in the greater Seattle area. I'll use it as a sort of bucket list of to do stuff. You can too!
I am a foodie so that is a big one...
Sea side...
Mountain side...

I have always wanted to experience Pike Place Market. Hope it is all I have heard!
Thanks for your time and your "vote"!
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