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AKwannabe's Journal
AKwannabe's Journal
September 5, 2018

"He's an idiot!"

CNN’s article on Bob Woodward’s book has me rolling on the floor!

Especially this “quote” from Kelly:

"He's an idiot. It's pointless to try to convince him of anything. He's gone off the rails. We're in crazytown," Kelly is quoted as saying at a staff meeting in his office. "I don't even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I've ever had."


My take? We have been in crazytown since the WH resident stole the election Nov 2016!

And I say to Kelly: Dude, you made that bed. Sleep in it! You just might be an idiot, too...for taking that job.

September 3, 2018

Fair food!

I visited the Alaska state fair Friday.
Didn’t even get a corn dog because the fair food was so eclectic! I had food that I haven’t seen offered at fairs I have been to in the past. Made the experience all the better.

I found oysters on the half shell from the Prince William Sound (really excellent quality) and Crab cakes too. Sooo freaking good. Also had a salmon quesadilla!! Wth?

Was fabulous!

Favorite Fair food?? Sound off!

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