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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: MO
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 5,315

Journal Archives

I'm thinking I will switch back to Undecided

That way I can come out swinging hard for my primary candidate and no one will be able to call me out or dismiss me for being a Biden supporter because, well, I’m “undecided”. AND, I’ll still be able to post in this group in support of my primary candidate.

Gotta love this irony!

“Rise of the Resistance” ride opens today!!

Nancy Pelosi’s indicated a rise of the resistance of her own!!

Articles of Impeachment!!!



Resistance base, Batuu, Outer Rim (aka Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Hollywood Studios, Orlando, Florida) (CNN) — Whatever your sympathies to the rebellion or your level of Star Wars acumen, you're rebel scum now.

That's your fate once you enter the most ambitious interactive attraction in Disney theme park history -- Rise of the Resistance -- which opens in Walt Disney World Resort's Hollywood Studios today.
For Star Wars fans these days, as Yoda might say, runneth over our cup does.

< end snip>


Getting logged out randomly

For the past week I have experienced random log outs. Just happened again.
I was logged in, had the Impeachment Thread #3 loaded, opened another tab on my iPhone to wait out the break, went back to that tab and it looked like I was still logged in but when I hit reply I was presented with the login page.

This is happening randomly. Normally I can be logged in and close my browser altogether for an entire night even and still be logged in next time I load the site.

Any thoughts? My iOS is up to date.

Devin Nunes and Cow fight

Watched Kung Pow: Enter the Fist tonight.
The main character resembles young Nunes I think. This is a hilarious clip. Made me think it would make awesome meme from parts where cow is getting the best of him.


In hell I'll be in good company!

November 9, 2016

I remember this day vividly - nearly 3 years later.

Upon waking after a late night watching election returns, the first thing I did was turn on the television...before coffee...before a cigarette.

I heard the worst news of my 46 year life!
I began screaming!!! Literally pounding!!! Running around fucking punching anything!!! My dog freaked the hell out!!!
I was freaking the hell out!!!!!

My now ex spouse knew what the commotion was about - he stayed hidden until I forced myself to calm down. My head was in a rage the whole entire day. I did not see straight. I did not talk to people. I could not communicate through the rage.

A few weeks later I found DU.
Thank God. I lurked for four months.

I joined. I moved west. I’m better, but the rage is building again...

DUH! Francis Rooney

"Every time one of these ambassadors comes and talks, we learn a lot more," the congressman said.

Duh! That is EXACTLY why the WH is trying to keep witnesses from testifying!
Fucking morons! How the hell is this man in Congress??

CNN article here: https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/10/19/politics/francis-rooney-florida-republican-trump-impeachment/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F

Controlling the information

Dictators control by controlling the information - this NBC news article published in 2011 is about classical dictators traits but in the first few paragraphs you might realize that somebody in a big house with columns in the DC area might have realized this could be useful for personal gain (because he has always done this narrative control) and got some really fucking dumb ideas in his head.

Or an enigmatic leader from another country knows this also and hatches a plan using a wannabe dictator, freak.

Either way by controlling the information they are controlling the narrative!


How Dictators Keep Control
By Eric Niiler
Discovery Channel
Images of North Korean women (and some men) weeping inconsolably at news of the death of strongman Kim Jong-Il was perhaps not surprising in a country where obedience is expected and much of the society, experts say, followed their "Dear Leader" because it has been in their collective best interest to do so.

But how do dictators like Kim -- or Saddam Hussein, or Hitler or Stalin for that matter -- maintain power over their people?

Psychologists and sociologists who study terrorism say dictators are able to spread fear among their people, and place themselves as their only salvation. Manufacturing an external threat, like Jews to Hitler's Germany, or the entire West for Kim, help keep the society off balance and collectively paranoid as well. ***

—...more at link.

Be a mantis shrimp !


Good on Shep Smith


“Executives at the network leaned on him to stay, but to no avail. On Friday afternoon he announced his departure on the air, then exited the building immediately, clearly emotional about saying goodbye to his television home of twenty years.

Smith was a Fox News original. He didn't change over the years -- the network changed around him.”

** when Fox first aired in the 90s I watched for a few months and then I told my now ex “this is NOT fair and balanced” and I never watched it again.

Smith was the only believable person on air at the time - too much make up or not - he still did what was right ...in the beginning, for 20 years, and yesterday!!

Good on you Shep Smith!
Live long and prosper.

Fuck FOX news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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