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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: AK
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,809

Journal Archives

Scored fresh PNW oysters!

Friends have a cabin with private beach access. They donít eat em. I do! And told em if they would pick em up I would gladly pay. No. They werenít having it.

Yesterday, they picked half a bucket of big ones! Around 11:30. I had em in my hot little hands by 2:30 since they have a drive. But by 4:30 I was ensconced on the river with shucking tools!

Heaven sent, wonderful surprise for Memorial Day BBQ. Low key but the food was too too good. Beers to go with and lots of mj to make you get the munchies for more OYSTERS!

I like to shoot em with bloodymary mix and Titos.

Generation X - gonna ride out Covid like no other generation

We the latch key kids.
No helicopter parents.
Agent orange running thru our veins....along with nicotine, alcohol, and thc!
Didnít live with mommy and daddy till after 30 and would never want to!
Didnít have tech to dumb us down as kids and young adults.

And weíll watch it all burn down to the fucking ground and ďdance with ourselvesĒ!

Ready. Steady. Go!




Marijuana packaging SUCKS!

I know there are labeling requirements but just slap that fucking label on a sandwich baggie and fucking sell it to me even cheaper! Shit!

Those stupid commercial art zip bags fail all the time, have a double crease at the bottom where you have to dig out the last of yo weed and sometimes donít tear open right so if you aren't near a pair of scissors then you might have to go rabid on the damn thing!

Jars suck too! Wasteful! What happened to film canisters??? Just slap a label on that and forget about the jar. Film canister production would come back. Glass thrown away is wasteful dangit! Reuse that film canister for the roaches!

Donít get me started on the packaging for my PAX ERA vape. O.M.G. When I am done opening it we are both breathing heavy and that box (that is 1000x the size of the cartridge) is in shreds! Fuck.

Am I getting old?

The Best of...Craigslist! OMG! 😂😂


Iíve never ventured here. Been looking for free patio furniture and saw this link.
Some of my favs so far:

1979 Star Wars Dodge Van REALLY!

Snow cat limo

Prick on the Wild Wings Patio ... rant!

1999 Toyota Corolla

Toilet Paper Seeds

Free Snowman

It never ends!!

Learning to play Madden football on PS4

A friend loaned us Madden 2020. I really like the lifelike play and commentary. This can be useful to pass the lockdown time and get sports addiction fix.

I havenít played any video games for about 25 yrs so I am very handicapped! Still learning the buttons and there is so much to watch and take in during play. I will be practicing for a while.

Meanwhile, my bf is bashing the Raiders with Patrick Mahomes at the helm. Chiefs 21, Raiders 3. He knows what heís doing.
Iím in trouble!

My shit's fucked up!

No. Really!


On edit: I was...and fixed the typos!

Spaghetti sauce last night...

I used chicken Italian Sausage, a jar of 4 cheese sauce and embellished that with garlic powder, fresh homegrown oregano, rosemary and parsley.

This was extremely good served over regular noodles. BUT. Today. I fried some polenta slices (basil and garlic premade) and served the rest of the sauce over that fried polenta. Effing amazing!

I am making banana bread with walnuts right now and the whole place smells wonderful.

Rainy day in Seattle area makes for good cooking weather.

Virtual train rides

Some links to vids of train rides.
First one starts out in Seattle, WA.
Seattle to Vancouver, BC.


Durango to Silverton, CO


Royal Gorge


Fairbanks, AK. Steam engine


Iíve watched several international rides too. Just look up on youtube and go where you want to!

Angel Of the Winds Casino plans to reopen May 11

Sorry. The local fox affiliate seems to be only source at this time. Checked KIRO and the Seattle Times.

The planned opening date was buried at the bottom of the story.


Some "Sage" advice. (Crosspost)


Content below

Iíve been spending a lot of my lock down time on the patio. I have a small assortment of herbs and some lettuce growing in containers.

One herb is Sage

I plucked a leaf today and studied it because it looks much different than most flat leaves. I then googled the cell structure of a sage leaf and came upon some very interesting benefits of this plant.

Taken internally (such as a tea) the leaves provide quite a few healthful benefits:

Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Medicinal Property of Sage (Salvia) to Prevent and Cure Illnesses such as Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Dementia, Lupus, Autism, Heart Disease, and Cancer

Mohsen Hamidpour, Rafie Hamidpour, [...], and Mina Shahlari


For a long time, sage (Salvia) species have been used in traditional medicine for the relief of pain, protecting the body against oxidative stress, free radical damages, angiogenesis, inflammation, bacterial and virus infection, etc., Several studies suggest that sage species can be considered for drug development because of their reported pharmacology and therapeutic activities in many countries of Asia and Middle East, especially China and India. These studies suggest that Salvia species, in addition to treating minor common illnesses, might potentially provide novel natural treatments for the relief or cure of many serious and life-threatening diseases such as depression, dementia, obesity, diabetes, lupus, heart disease, and cancer. This article presents a comprehensive analysis of the botanical, chemical, and pharmacological aspects of sage...more at link.


Smudging (burning sage leaves) also has reported benefits:


Sage leaf tea steeping now. Cheers!
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