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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: MO
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 5,324

Journal Archives

And he is STILL being allowed to spread the lie!

Was here in AK just Saturday to spread the lies and stump for people who believe the lies or may help continue the lies in this state and and has been doing so in other states.

I do believe that tRump is continuing to plan to overtake the next presidential election with violence if he has to.

I heard rally supporters fresh from the AK rally Saturday night excitedly triumphant that he WILL run again.

And the bombshell from Cheney today was another indication of at the arm twisting and other tactics continue to repress the information that is need to STOP HIM.

He needs to be indicted before midterms! If we fail to do that, then before he has a chance to be the RNC candidate in 2024.

The DOJ referral made by the committee it HUGE.
The country needs them to act fast even if it is just a tiny piece of the bigger scheme that prevents another run for President.

Just home from my shift as a bartender

At an American Legion post in Anchorage.
Today tRump had a rally here with Palin and spoke around 4pm. My bar was desolate for about three hours…till around 7.

And then the tRumpers arrived. Holy fuck. What a SHITSHOW. All dressed in red white and blue. Cannot believe how many veterans eat this shit up.

They partied. I took their money and when they tried to get me into a conversation about the rally. I told them he wasn’t a person I liked or admired. And asked if they wanted to play pull tabs or needed another drink. Well. That pretty much shut them up and we all got along.

It is still mostly an unwritten rule to not talk politics in a bar. Mostly.

Now I know who more of the tRumpers are and will act accordingly.

AKwannabe no longer a wannabe

In May 2017, I was Wawannabe. I realized my goal June 1, 2017. I was no longer a Wawannabe! Changed my user name with a new goal last year. AKwannabe

May 1, 2022 I am taking a one way trip to AK!!
Super excited and happy that I will be a BLUE voter in a red state. Palin is a NO from this new voter!!

Ya’ll kept me in the know and saner these last 5 ish yrs.


Fuck Trump!
North to Alaska!

In this round, I got the...


KC Chiefs!



RAMS plz (cuz I can’t vote for Brady)


Became eligible early December but took this long to get an appointment in Seattle.

Sore arm tonight which is how it went with the other two.
Damn glad to have it but wish I had it a month ago.

Antonio Brown

Have been looking for reasons behind the “show” Sunday. Today the Bucs fired him officially and he has released a statement through his attorney.

The link (CBS Sports) below has the full statement in text and a video I did not watch. I believe Antonio.


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