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AKwannabe's Journal
AKwannabe's Journal
July 13, 2023

Not getting much exposure in Community help

Only 67 views and I could really use this community’s help.



July 13, 2023

KC room or house help

I recently moved back to MO…my son had his third daughter and I have been out west or in AK for all of my grandkids lives. The oldest has been working on me for the past year…and I guess she won! Lol

I have convinced my kid to move out of TX but it will probably be about 1 year because they have a newborn.

I am situating in KC MO. Shelling out deposits etc for an apartment would severely affect my savings so I would like to room for about 6 months…or if a good community, longer.

When I moved to WA almost 7 years ago a DU member gave me a contact and viola I got my place to stay and lived out a 1 year lease.

Another barrier to getting my own apartment is the fact I have a brand new job. Starting today. So even though I have the money for the deposits I don’t have proof of income they will be wanting.

My job is in the Gladstone area of KC MO so within ten miles of there would be ideal.

Thanks for reading and sharing if you have a contact. I have excellent roommate and rental references too.

Edit: I am a bartender but the new job is at a nice Italian restaurant that closes at 8 weeknights and 9 weekends. So no 2am closes…and I’ll have 40 hrs.

July 13, 2023

Anecdotal but seen in many states RE: Bud Light

I recently traveled 5700 miles in 15 days.
I am a bartender and my usual is to find the local dive bar(s). Also, I am an American Legion Post member so I find the local Post to stop in.
I meet and talk to people and I observe and I have always drank Bud Light.

Throughout three Canadian Territories, and 8 (mostly red states): MT, WY, SD, IA, MO, AR, OK, TX…Fact is, Bud Light is being served and purchased and consumed by Republicans.

Also, Budweiser (which is the King of BL) lol

I believe that the only reason this became a big deal is because people with some power or celebrity opened their pie holes and spouted and the media picked it up with gusto and gave it some gas.

In a recent news article I read that the idiot Kid Rock’s bar still serves it…idk if that is true as I would never go there (even if for research 🧐

I’ve also seen report of Modelo taking top sales spot over Bud Light. But I do not see Modelo in peoples hands. I do not put Modelo in peoples hands. Even in TX I did not see Modelo in people’s carts or hands.

Ya’ll. The media is the enemy of truth nowadays.
That is all.

July 10, 2023

Democrat candidate for MO Governor!

Springfield State. Rep. Crystal Quade (D) announces run for governor:

By KY3 Staff and The Associated Press
Published: Jul. 9, 2023 at 9:03 AM CDT|Updated: 21 hours ago
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Springfield State Rep. and House Minority Leader Crystal Quade announced Sunday morning she is running for Missouri governor in 2024.

The Democrat will formally announce her intentions at a kickoff party in Springfield on Monday. She becomes the first Democrat to run for the highest office in the state.
End snip>


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