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AKwannabe's Journal
AKwannabe's Journal
August 31, 2023

How does one gift a star membership?

I did a search in Community Help using gift star membership but no link returned mentioned.


August 30, 2023

Pillow Guy's HUGE, PERFECT plan revealed at Aug 16,17 "symposium "

My Pillow Guy plans drone surveillance of Louisiana voting sites, report says:

By Greg LaRose
Published: Aug. 18, 2023 at 4:24 PM CDT
BATON ROUGE, La. (Louisiana Illuminator) -
***According to the article: “Louisiana Illuminator is part of States Newsroom, a network of news bureaus supported by grants and a coalition of donors as a 501c(3) public charity. Louisiana Illuminator maintains editorial independence.”

This is their about page

Begin article snip
My Pillow pitchman Mike Lindell, a prolific purveyor of unfounded 2020 election fraud, revealed a new strategy Thursday to sniff out suspicious activity at polling precincts, the Daily Beast reports. It involves Louisiana, drones and potentially breaking the law.

Lindell shared his plans with attendees at a symposium in Springfield, Missouri, called the Election Crime Bureau.

((((Here’s the HUGE, PERFECT plan he said in marketing for the “symposium “ was sent to him by God…my words))))

A new “wireless monitoring device” he touted can scrape data from nearby smartphones and computers with internet access. If a WMD — not to be confused with a weapon of mass destruction — detects a new device coming online, it could prove a Chinese plot to hack voting machines and switch votes from Republicans, he said.

The WMDs can be placed on drones that can be flown into or near polling places, Lindell said, who then steered a drone into the event venue to demonstrate.

“We now can catch them in a lie,” Lindell told the audience.

End snip

—————————————more at link


Just who are “them”??
Why is he singling out LA?

August 30, 2023

DeSantis mini me State Superintendent in Oklahoma is one to watch out for!

A post he retweeted or retiktoked (whatever) may be causing bomb threats to Union Public Schools. They are certainly happening and this guy is wacko!
He allowed first religious charter school in the nation and was recently in the news for that. Only been on the job 8 months and sadly was elected.

The linked story details both. Basically he is DeSantis in OK public schools. OMG. This shit happening on so many fronts is mind boggling and beyond.



Aug. 29, 2023, 8:21 PM CDT
By Tyler Kingkade
Oklahoma Democrats are calling for an impeachment probe of Ryan Walters, the state’s superintendent of public instruction, citing a range of recent issues, including bomb threats against a school district following one of Walters’ provocative social media posts.

In a statement Tuesday, state House Democrats said they’ve made a formal request to the GOP speaker to set up a bipartisan committee to investigate whether there’s sufficient evidence to impeach Walters. The Democratic caucus cited Walters’ “consistent pattern of inflammatory language aimed at our public education teachers, outright lies and targeted attacks on local control.”

End snip

Much more at link.

August 29, 2023

Line forms here

For the next “ Ask me anything” show by Aristus.

Yep, I’m first and will be camping out.

I like pizza, but tacos are my fav, Aristus…in case you gonna buy DU groupies food.

August 29, 2023

OK. So it's changin ya say?


Got it


August 24, 2023

LIVE camera YouTube stream on Fulton County Jail


Streamed by Now This News

If you want to check in throughout the day.

Supposed to be a rally to but I haven’t been able to find out where or when.

August 23, 2023

Another J6er identified and arrested



Aug. 23, 2023, 12:34 PM CDT
By Ryan J. Reilly
WASHINGTON — A Capitol rioter known to online sleuths as "Shield Grampy" — a reference to his age and his use of a police shield during the battle at the lower west tunnel on Jan. 6 — has been arrested by the FBI, according to court documents.

Anthony Mastanduno, who was no. 397 on the FBI's Capitol Violence website, was charged with a variety of federal crimes, including assaulting law enforcement. The FBI said he used a stolen police shield to assault officers as well as a baton and a blue pole.

End snip
August 22, 2023

Gucci Pasta good with rum?

Pasta news! First.


How a mom in Malibu brings in over $10,000/month pursuing her 'passion': Selling colorful homemade pasta
Published Sun, Aug 20 2023 10:05 AM EDT
Updated Mon, Aug 21 2023 1:01 PM EDT
Megan Sauer
Zachary Green

Pasta point of (psychedelic) purchase. Second


Can I get a motion?
Aaaarrrrrgh! Where’s the rum? And pass that Gucci pasta, mate.

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