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Member since: Wed Apr 19, 2017, 10:36 AM
Number of posts: 1,939

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Retired heavy equipment mechanic, fished Bering Sea crab and trawl seasons 1981-1989, worked for US military as a disabled heavy equipment mechanic before retiring (due to injuries from fishing), moderate liberal, father of three, love my country and ALL people who love back.

Journal Archives

CNN/Eric Swalwel interview?.

Just found a link to it, looks like it's old from around the time Lynch was going to testify due to the crawl.

I've never even heard of it before but he comes right out and says it, that he's seen lots of evidence concerning 45's efforts in Russia, money, communications, family, etc.

Showed it a a friend or two and they were wowed.

I must have been elsewhere when it came out.

COVFEFE deciphered?

I've been thinking ( yes I know ) about what the phrase means, spicer said a very small group of people would know what it means, I know there is better out there but as I was weeding the garden my mind could be used for another task.

C: Cover
O: Our
V: Very
F: Frequently
E: Exposed
F: Felonious
E: Endeavors

A hidden message to the other conspirators?

I know someone will come up with something better, but I've been into the Joke Flower today, ( I live in Washington state ), nuff' said.

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