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"The real question is, does an Indigenous people claim anyone who claims to be one of us?"

"We are the voices of authority, not a lab coat."

Dr. Kim TallBear, author of "Native American DNA: Tribal Belonging and the False Promise of Genetic Science," is an excellent source to follow if you want to learn more about the usefulness of "genetic testing" when it comes to NA ancestry, identity and what it means. She put together a thread a couple years ago I found interesting:


There are a lot of issues and questions here, which I encourage white people especially to sit with. Is it helpful for Democrats to be so invested in a "genetic test" for Elizabeth Warrne? Is it helpful for white people to tout it as a "win"? What does it mean for the tribes in this nation? Is this the best use of our voices right now? Is this gotcha worth it? Does this help center Native Americans and their issues? Does "the science" say what we think it says? Does it say things that mesh with what tribes say?
Posted by WhiskeyGrinder | Mon Oct 15, 2018, 10:22 AM (33 replies)

'People' Aren't Divided on Kavanaugh's Confirmation. White People Are.


Those results would reveal that 83 percent of black and 66 percent of Latinx voters believe Blasey Ford, compared to a mere 40 percent of white voters. And that 80 percent of black and 69 percent of Latinx voters considered her honest compared to just 54 percent of white voters.

This gap persists even when you isolate out white women, a demographic some pundits believed would be outraged at how Blasey Ford was treated by Senate Republicans (her testimony—deemed “credible” by Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee—was essentially thrown out once Kavanaugh began rage-crying).

According to the Quinnipiac poll, nearly half (47 percent) of white women considered Kavanaugh to be honest. The numbers for black and Latinx voters? Just 7 percent and 34 percent, respectively. A plurality of white women did believe Blasey Ford (46 percent)—but it was nowhere near the majority, as was the case with black and Latinx voters.

As we see with the Quinnipiac poll, an inability to look at racial dynamics, whether it be through benign ignorance or outright reluctance, affects the stories we tell. It also affects the credibility and accuracy of the stories we tell, which is to say, you simply can’t get quality coverage of American politics without it.

In the aggregate, white women tend to be motivated by holding onto a little power at the expense of WOC. There is much work to be done.
Posted by WhiskeyGrinder | Thu Oct 4, 2018, 03:09 PM (20 replies)

The Atlantic: Trump is Not Texting You


...Even though it is labeled a “presidential alert,” these notices are not sent by the president, not directly. Within the emergency infrastructure, the transmission that was tested today is called an Emergency Action Notification, or EAN. The president or a designee would indicate the need for an EAN—but as a senior FEMA official confirmed yesterday, the president does not directly trigger the alert, and the criteria for such an alert are limited by law to national emergencies. The scenarios that would likely result in an EAN are mostly established already through federal interagency operations, pre-scripted in anticipation of possible scenarios, and perhaps subject to adjustment for specific situations. But the president himself would probably not even be involved.


On top of that, remember that a real presidential alert has never been issued. Not just in the six years that the WEA system has been able to send text-like messages, but not ever, in the 55 years that the EBS and its successors have existed.

Even so, some worry that if any president would abuse the system, it would be this one. Trump loves Twitter. He sometimes uses it unwisely, and the short WEAs look and feel a lot like tweets. Is it possible? Even hypothetically, Trump would need FEMA’s aid to misuse the service, but in theory, a loyalist could help facilitate it. FEMA Director William Brock Long is under investigation for possible misuse of government funds for travel, a minor matter given the other fires burning in the Trump administration, but also enough to fan the flames of suspicion among those who fear that collusion is possible. Hacking of the system has also been a concern, but external vulnerabilities are different from internal complicity.

Whether Trump, or any future president, could or would abuse the system is perhaps less interesting, and concerning, than the fact that citizens appear to be so easily convinced that a complex, long-standing piece of national infrastructure—one created in the hope that it will not have to be used, rather than that it might be employed regularly—is presumed to be untrustworthy. When the false alarm occurred in Hawaii, people were angry and confused: If an emergency-alert system can notify a whole region about an inbound ballistic missile, it better work correctly. But now that FEMA is carrying out its duty to test that very same system nationally, some lament its very existence.
Posted by WhiskeyGrinder | Wed Oct 3, 2018, 04:27 PM (20 replies)

Don't count on women voters going to the polls inspired by #MeToo, if they're white.


According to a Quinnipiac poll, 46 percent of white women voters believe Dr. Ford, while 43 percent believe Kavanaugh, which in this poll is a statistically insignificant difference. With 53 percent of the white woman vote going to Trump, it seems about right.

83 percent of black voters believe Dr. Ford, while 40 percent of white voters do.

Posted by WhiskeyGrinder | Mon Oct 1, 2018, 06:26 PM (8 replies)
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