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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 08:20 AM
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Are We Being Played?

Our country is facing a huge political crisis.

Millions are living life in fear of an accident or illness, insured or not, while being overworked and underpaid.

Hate is brandished 24/7.

Men, women, and children are being mowed down in sprays of bullets.

Our air, water, and food are about to become less safe as our EPA is dismantled.

Greed is robbing the majority of dignity and the pursuit of happiness.

AND WE OBSESS, or so it seems, with whatever juicy SHINY scandal the MEDIA tosses out to the point that dozens of discussion threads on the same scandal bury important news threads.

Are we being played? Are there those among us now intentionally working to diminish the quality of service this site has provided for years?

I don't say much here, but I read everyday and have done so for many years.

Lately, it seems like we are being played as TOO little real news shows up.

Too many enticing titles draw us into a NOTHING....literally nothing written.

That said, thank you DUers for all the work you do to bring the news under this umbrella.

Germany Buys Infamous Panama Papers

Apparently, Germany is determined to round up the tax cheats according to this REALLY interesting article. Let us hope so!

The BKA now plans to use the data to fight money laundering and tax fraud. The criminal investigations agency is sharing the data with Hesse state finance authorities for review, and they will then pursue criminal and fiscal findings based on this analysis. The evaluation is expected to last several months.

The agencies will also be working closely with relevant authorities in cases of potential violations involving other countries.

“We not only have the capability, but also the political will to decidedly lead the fight against tax crimes,” said Hesse finance minister Thomas Schäfer.

“We are therefore also ready to take on the costs of the data.”

The state purchasing such financial data has been contentious in the past. But a prior ruling by the Constitutional Court found that German government entities may use purchased data about tax fraudsters, even when this information was initially illegally obtained.

The top priority for investigators will be looking into organized crime, such as arms dealing. These kinds of revenues are generally not declared and therefore also fall into the category of tax fraud."

Great read.


Righteous Rant - True in every respect

As no text will paste, here's the link


If you care about the well-being of others, this writing will speak for your heart.

A Netflix Winner - Get Me Roger Stone (pure Machiavellian Evil)

Roger Stone loves being hated, his words. A political operative, my takeaway is that there is nothing this aged man wouldn't do to win.

Did you know Stone spent decades teaching and priming DT to become President? Decades! This was no wim win.

The Atlantic has the best review of this Netflix documentary linked below. According to an Atlantic source Stone and Trump are two peas in a pod.

One of Stone's "rules" is: It is better to be infamous then famous. Is Trump there yet?

Stone still has Trumps's ear according to Stone. Having watched this show, Stone, not Brietbart may well be Trump's brain.

Try to carve out some space to watch then burn some sage.


Law of nature: What we resist persists.

Actions speak louder than words.

Mom always said "you have to suffer to be beautiful"

I say we must save this Republic for the millenials and their children.

Old adage: The Power of the Purse"

PLEASE POST twitter Words

Now that a sizable amount of posts are Twitter related, it would be KIND to take a moment to provide the words for those of us don't have twitter accounts. It's frustrating to be left in the dark.

Thank you all for the work you do.

Only 7 House Members needed to impeach


The article specifies which 7 positions, the names of those Representatives in those positions, and the process needed to send to the Senate. Interesting.

Who will demand answers about 40,000+ missing minority Georgia Voter registrations?

On June 20th, Greg Pallast/Thom Hartman reported about what appears to be voter registration tampering amounting to tens of thousands of disappeared minority registration forms. According to the report, gestapo-like tactics/intimidation were used to shut down more than one group gathering voter registrations.

In addition, what Pallast refers to as "Jim Crow" tactics were used to suppress voters rights in many clever ways.

If the allegations are true, the outcome of the slim win margin election needs to be investigated. because these tactics must be indentified stopped NOW.

Whose job is it to do so? I would think that some Federal agency would be tasked to look into these serious allegations especially in light of the newly released DHS information. GOP controlled states are too suspect to be given the last say.


Highly recommend reading this concise report that includes video of interviews.

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