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Only 7 House Members needed to impeach


The article specifies which 7 positions, the names of those Representatives in those positions, and the process needed to send to the Senate. Interesting.

Who will demand answers about 40,000+ missing minority Georgia Voter registrations?

On June 20th, Greg Pallast/Thom Hartman reported about what appears to be voter registration tampering amounting to tens of thousands of disappeared minority registration forms. According to the report, gestapo-like tactics/intimidation were used to shut down more than one group gathering voter registrations.

In addition, what Pallast refers to as "Jim Crow" tactics were used to suppress voters rights in many clever ways.

If the allegations are true, the outcome of the slim win margin election needs to be investigated. because these tactics must be indentified stopped NOW.

Whose job is it to do so? I would think that some Federal agency would be tasked to look into these serious allegations especially in light of the newly released DHS information. GOP controlled states are too suspect to be given the last say.


Highly recommend reading this concise report that includes video of interviews.

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