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May, 2018 - Qatar Steps In to Buy Rosneft Stake After China Deal Collapses

There is a huge amount of confusion surrounding the Russian Rosneft 19% shares.

Notice Bloomberg's reporting date May, 2018

Qatar Steps In to Buy Rosneft Stake After China Deal Collapse

By Javier Blas and Elena Mazneva

May 4, 2018 at 9:52:51 AM MDT Updated on May 4, 2018 at 10:00:01 PM MDT

Qatar’s QIA to have 19 percent stake in state-run oil company

China’s CEFC has been under increasing scrutiny in Beijing

This is so confusing. Reuters reported this in December, 2016

Russia signs Rosneft deal with Qatar, Glencore
Katya Golubkova

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian state holding company Rosneftegaz on Saturday signed a deal with the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and commodities trader Glencore (GLEN.L) to sell a 19.5 percent stake in state-owned oil major Rosneft (ROSN.MM), Rosneft said.

Then in January, 2017. Rueters reports

January 24, 2017 / 8:04 PM

How Russia sold its oil jewel: without saying who bought it

In addition, public records show the ownership structure of the stake ultimately includes a Cayman Islands company whose beneficial owners cannot be traced.

And while Italian bank Intesa SanPaolo leant the Singapore vehicle 5.2 billion euros to fund the deal, and Qatar put in 2.5 billion, the sources of funding for nearly a quarter of the purchase price have not been disclosed by any of the parties.

“The main question in relation to this transaction, as ever, still sounds like this: Who is the real buyer of a 19.5 percent stake in Rosneft?” Sergey Aleksashenko, a former deputy head of Russia’s central bank, wrote in a blog last week.

Glencore would not comment on the identity of the Cayman Islands firm or give a further explanation of how ownership of the 19.5 percent stake was divided.

Then, in June 2017, we must conclude global confusion with this report

Russia to buy back Rosneft stake it sold

Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed the EUR10.2 billion ($11.5 billion) sale of the PAO Rosneft stake in December as a sign of investor confidence in his country. But the people with knowledge of the deal say it functioned as an emergency loan to help Moscow through a budget squeeze.

So, it seems that China was part of the original 12/2016 deal. then backed out, and Qatar is left with over 19% ownership of Rosneft.

I wonder who the mystery Cayman Island entity is?

I'm guessing we will know pretty soon.

Oh, Steele alleges a broker fee, promissed to Page, was to be paid to Teump Et Al for this sale. Why?

DKOS: Iran Has More Oil Than Saudi Arabia

The dailykos article linked below includes a ton of under-reported information bringing some context to where we are today regarding Iran. The writer includes some interesting perspectives, connecting some dots by providing two links to the writers research articles, both rich with resource links.

I found the info and perspectives thoughtful and helpful. From the article:

When I compiled this 2015 Diary, I was admittedly speculating based on some facts that presented themselves from various sources. In retrospect…...?

Now that it is clear that:

Russia is cozy with Iran;

Trump seems cozy with Russia;

Trump needs distractions from his mired mess of misdeeds;

Bolton the PNAC hawk is back;

Bibi is beating the Iran Nuclear threat drum a g a i n (has been since early 1990s);

We have sold huge amounts of weaponry/fighter jets to Saudi Arabia; and

There is a huge amount of oil ($$$) in the ground bordering Iraq and Iran ready to enrich the winners, the world be damned, the hawks, zealots, and end of times hawkers may win the word war.

Today, higher oil prices are a win win win for all monied oil interests and a loss for cash-strapped ordinary people.

Perhaps the diary’s insights were closer to the truth after all.


Apple/Tree - Rudy/Father, an ex-con

How many Brooklyn ex-cons/criminals sent their sons to law school? Seems like a good strategy to me.

Rudy's dad was an ex-con. He robbed a milk man before Rudy was born. He was also allegedly a thug for a related loan shark.

Dad could probably talk a pretty good con line, as well. In fact, when arrested, he lied about his name.

So by "ex-con" more than one meaning can be construed.

I learned this trying to answer the nagging question:

Why would Rudy publically make a fool of himself at this late stage of the game in his life?

A DU poster shared he debated Rudy in college when Rudy worked for the DOJ and shared " he's dumber than a bag of rocks."

At some point, Rudy's dad was able to afford to move the family from Brooklyn to Long Island

Apparently a book has been written all about Rudy and his Dad


Iranian Nuke Threat A G A I N? Must Be An Election Year 🙄

These days, it seems only a citizen journalist would go to the trouble of researching and writing a lenghty presentation of Iran's nuclear program WITH RESOURCE LINKS for each presented fact.

The Iranian War Drums are loudest during election years. The Bolton crowd PNAC fear-mongering GOP hope to prod terrified voters to the polls.

This article is a m a z i n g.

Iranian Nuclear Threat Missing Context


In this article by the same citizen journalist, presents a concise, resource-cited Iran Nuke Timeline is presented.


Netanyahu is taking his IRAN NUCLEAR THREAT SHOW on the road again. 🙄

"Almost 50 Mueller Questions Leaked" NPR Radio Report Today

It was a four hour car trip with the atypical 5 topic radio news loop. I was driving high speed, congested city beltway roads. A captive of two stations reporting almost verbatim the same stories. Omg, the oldest spider died.....a three day old exclusive NPR story. Really NPR! What a waste.

Anyway, I smelled a leaky rat but couldn't track the story until this evening. My internet crashed today, as well, until 7:00 PM. Total withdrawals. Finally My DemUnder pops up where, to my surprise, I am still seeing headlines with "Mueller's Questions" in story titles. They were not Meuller's questions.

I am just your average person. Gallop could save a fortune, just ask me. If I knew better than to believe Bob Mueller or his team would leak 49 questions, surely the NYTimes must have been at least curious as to the validity of the claim. And, if so, report "source is unknown at this time" not "Meuller's Questions.,

To NPRs credit they had a right leaning lawyer on, whose law firm name ended in Scarborough, who asked the question "Who benefits from the leak" but did not outright deny any possibility that Mueller's team leaked the questions. He concluded that those opposed to trump meeting with Mueller would be the likely leak culprits.


Has our national news always been compromised? Heaven help us!
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