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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 09:20 AM
Number of posts: 3,578

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5 Gold/Silver Mylar PROTEST Blankets only $10.97, $2.00 each

For me, the symbol of GOP Cruelty are the $2.00 Gold/Silver Mylar Blankets the caged, kidnapped kids are wrapped in

Why not wear them out and about.

I didn't know the gold and silver version protects against both heat and cold, however.

GOLD MYLAR SOLAR BLANKETS 5-PACK + BONUS WHISTLE: 2-sided Thermal Blankets are designed to protect your body from heat and cold. The perfect item for an Emergency Kit, Go-Bags, Bug-Out-Bags or First Aid

Which side protects from heat? cold?

Protection against cold - silver side to the body.

Protection against heat - Gold side to the body.

Seal end with tape.

IMPORTANT SURVIVAL NOTATION: Never pull a Mylar blanket over your head! If you do, your breath will release condensation and effectively this will lower body temperature.

So marching in the heat wrapped in your PROTEST MYLAR BLANKET, show silver to the sun.

We can all afford this simple, even pratical protest symbol.

And, no, I am not an Amazon seller ✨❤️✨

Link: https://www.amazon.com/ask/questions/Tx397TPPFMZJT6U/ref=ask_dp_dpmw_al_hza

Jenny Wilson, Utah Democrat vs Mitt Romney Gop

Please use social media to help Jenny get some name recognition. Ever optimistic, maybe Jenny Wilson can beat Redux Romney


TAKING BETS: The New Scotus Will Rule "Sitting Presidents Cannot Be Indicted" & "Can Pardon Himself"

I bet this is the whole purpose for financially conflicted Kennedy's resignation. A better exit than Scalia's

New Scotus: SuckUp Court of the Unjust States

The most vulnerable are seen as useless vermin to the elitists.

Who are the most vulnerable?


Maybe Canada will rescue us?

Anti-Constitutionalists Are Running the Country

Will the military, sworn to uphold the constitution, sit idly by while the population is thrust into 3rd world status?

I guess we will have to wait and see. I think the military leaders will stop Trump, watching their families lives fall apart because of the Anti-Constitutionalists running our country with

not just a little help from


How the Hell Does SHS Even Eat Knowing She Helped Rip Baby from a Mother's Breast

ICE, todays black shirts, actually took a breast feeding baby from the mother.

What could be more cruel and heartless

🗽 Homework Assignment 🗽 - Share With Others

One million 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Dems scolding Dems. Are you kidding me?

If we lose the Word War, we lose democracy. Our mealy mouth politicians, with too rare exceptions, need us to be educated in Nazi tactics in order to RESPOND TO THEIR PROPAGANDA.

It is not uncival to speak out against evil. On the contrary, it is evil to NOT speak out against evil

In case you and yours are in the dark about what is at stake, go watch


A 5 part series starring Merle Streep and a host of others.

Ok, it is old school film; however, the psychology of the societal roles that worked together either covertly or overtly, intentionally or unintentially are clearly..no perfectly depicted in this drama series.

You will find yourself in one of the characters. More importantly, you will recognize those who are today leading this country into the abyss.

As a WWII history buff, this huge youtube available production will teach the i,portan lessons of history most Americans today do not know.



10 Million Citizen Children Daily Risk Losing 1 Parent to Deportation.

Texas is reporting a decreasing number of citizen children being signed up for SNAP and MEDICAID because their parents fear deportation. By law, citizen children qualify regardless of parental status.

We can assume this is a nationwide trend.

Parents are reporting big changes to the application questions for these services that are setting off alarm bells.

10 million parents living in justifiable fear. Parents mowing our lawns, building our homes, picking our crops, milking our cows, processing our meats/chickens, washing our dishes, and making our beds. Hard working parents.

Hernandez said parents who have children with disabilities have told her that without Medicaid they'll rely on emergency rooms "as needed."

"We know that that is not a good plan for kids that for forever have been followed by a neurologist because they have seizures or have been going to occupational therapy for years and are finally making progress," she said.

Approximately 10 million citizen children in the U.S. have at least one non-citizen parent.



sorry for the all cap outrage


To Be Clear: TENT GHETTOS For Latinos Are on Order

The holocaust survivors remember being shipped to the GHETTOS

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