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"It Can Happen Here" by Joe Conason - "It Did Happen Here" by Thinking People Everywhere

This article triggered a memory: A book written by Joe Conason.


The DU article includes this quote from Sinclair Lewis book cover "It Can't Happen Here" written in 1935.

Joe Conason no doubt chose his book title inspired by Sinclair Lewis' book "It Can't Happen Here"

Sinclair Lewis foretold the peril of electing an amoral, rascist, clearly lying dufus, promising poor people the American dream for President.

Conason reflects on the GW Bush Cabal, many of whom were disgruntled Nixonians.

The President in both books is authoritarian.

From Joe Conasons book:

Here's an interesting video


Tariffs Are Self-Imposed Sanctions - Best Explanation of Trump's Disaster-in-the-Making

Most concise explanation of the unfolding disaster that is Trump's Trade War

The article ends with

.....time. Even Jefferson ultimately backed off of his embargo when it resulted in a lot of deprivation for American consumers, a loss of lucrative foreign trade routes for American merchants, and not much trouble at all for his European bugaboos.

But when it comes to self-imposed trade restrictions, that backlash is a feature, not a bug: It's Beijing's fault, the logic goes, that the U.S. has been forced to heavily tax imports. If only the Chinese would play fair, this wouldn't be necessary. Yet that thinking is just as backward as blaming America for the failings of Venezuelan socialism or Iranian theocracy.

Next year, when your washing machine starts making a weird kathump kathump sound on the spin cycle and you find yourself balking at the cost of a replacement, don't blame China. Blame Trump.


Mesmerizing and Informative - 🌤Animated, Interactive map of global wind and weather🌤

That is the North Pole. You can move the globe on interactive screen. I love this.

At a glance, you can see developing weather patterns. Zoom in to your area, wait for the animation to catch up, and see how the wind is blowing. 💨

I can stare at this for a while, lost in the beauty and power that is Mother Nature.


LINK: https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-105.15,-40.07,696

Carpetbagger Redux, Movie to be Released October, 2018 - Rumor Has It

the movie is going to rock this country so

Look to your left
Look to your right
Who is on your side
Who will you fight.

The Majority Plight

The Carpetbaggers are coming for your


Die! Commoner Die

The Carpetbaggers will make bank
Recycling your dead bones.

Happy 4th of July

Now, stfu and die.

Ok, this prisoner of rhyme is really upset

The above just wrote itself.

MediAlert Bracelet: Put Me in Ambulance, I Will Sue You For Costs

I have honestly told everyone this semi-joking idea I have for a MediAlert bracelet.

A MediFlight to the University of Utah Hospital, in Salt Lake costs $10,000

We drive our store manager to the hospital just down the street. It is faster and free.

I can so relate to that poor woman in Boston pleading to NOT call the ambulance. And just why is it our pricey health insurance doesn't pay ambulance 100%. Because we would use them.

This is a sad July 4th

Why I Left Judge Barrett's "People of Praise (POP) Church" - Some Women Called HANDMAIDS

The following are some 1st person insights into the spin off faction of Catholism that SCOTUS nominee Barret belongs to. This is an extremely patriarchal faction.

The man who wrote this listed 3 reasons why.

This is reason #3 found at this link

3. Life in POP was becoming increasingly burdensome to Marie, who could not accept what she saw going on. But to give it one last try, she submitted to counseling from a "Handmaid". This woman (who had no formal training or qualifications) gave Marie advice that I recognized to be counter to sound spiritual teaching and to the express teaching of the great masters of Catholic spiritual advice. But, I figured, this isn't a big problem. I could just let our coordinator know so that he could correct the Handmaid. I was not prepared for his response. He said the problem was not with the Handmaid, but with Marie, who was subverting God's plan for her life, throwing up theological smokescreens. My job as her husband and head was to call her on it and bring her back into submission.

Initially I was dismayed, dreading the scene that obedience to Dan would result in. But then I had a moment of grace. "Wait a minute," I said to myself. "Marie is a grown woman, mother of four children, all well cared for. She is baptized and loves God. Her favorite saying is, 'I want to be the Lord's nickel,' to spend wherever he wants. She has always tried to listen to him and do what he wants." But if this is true, then it's God's job to convince her of things, not mine. I can say what I think, but if she doesn't go along ... well, she's a grown-up too. And she loves God. So I decided not to do what Dan told me.

When I got home, the atmosphere in our home had already changed. Our relationship was dramatically improved. And -- equally important -- I had decisively broken the bonds of headship by rejecting what was supposed to be vitally important direction for my life (and Marie's). As I moved further from community leadership, Marie and I drew closer together, largely because I was now free to respect her. (Interestingly, she was able to respect me, to. I was no longer the coordinators' toady.)

People are free to believe what they want. All for that.

However, extremism in any form cannot be allowed to sit in the




I watched two parts of THE HANDMAIDENS TALE - Totally disgusting in every way!

Make America Bloodsoaked Again - 620k Civil War Deaths

There is a video somewhere where dt states "I know Indonesia real well". History buffs will cringe, as I did, when hearing him say this. I cannot find the video, but definitely a newsclip vid exists, I saw it. dt corp is building a huge real estate project in Indonesia, btw,

A US President called the media "number one enemy". Reporters are shot dead by a determined, premeditated alt-right type who damaged finger prints to try to be unrecognizable.

So is it hyperbolic to ask are there people in power that would like to

Make America Bloodsoaked Again?

In our family, we teach our kids to think about a situation before faced with it. The idea is that you make a decision and take a stand before your offered your first joint/drink/cigerette hoping that prior thoughts and decisions will help in those moments.

That said, what questions can we ask ourselves today if faced with increased violence from the far right?

I am 70. Having a hard time answering this question. Perhaps it is we, the olders that need to take front line in protests and just let them mow us down to elicit outrage from the apathetic youth?

Even now deceased Krauthammer agreed: Trump's Non- Condemnation of violence is dangerous.

And this is before the election. I know, CK was loathed most of the time. He must have had a Coming to Jesus moment, because he perfectly nails the danger set in motion by dt's thinly cloaked, seemingly complicit calls to violently assault protestors. It wins the debate with oreilly on fox news back in 2016.

To quote dt "would like to punch him in the head". "In the old days he would be taken out on a stretcher"

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