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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 09:20 AM
Number of posts: 3,578

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Research-A-Holics Only

378 pages of interactive, public domain links/endnotes used by @SethAbramsom in his bestseller ď Proof of CollusionĒ posted this morning. I emailed to myself to read on computer/iPad


Mueller Report Notes released yesterday. 278 pages, thanks to @JasonLeopold at Buzzfeed News


Partial Foia release ordered by Judge


Research away!

One way or the other, this story will be told

WaPo Only $150/yr for 2 Subscriptions (Will Gift One)

We can thank The Washington Post for The unredacted Flynn audio recordings & Mueller report being released and published for free online before May 31st, a truly Memorable Day in History Future

Sullivanís orders came very shortly after government prosecutors agreed to release some sealed records in Flynnís case. The release was in response to a motion filed with the court earlier this year by The Washington Post, which argued that the public deserved to know more about Flynnís role in key events and cooperation with investigators.


My Thank You Note to WaPo

I bought a Premium Digital Subscription for $150 that includes a

FREE 1-Year subscription I can gift,
I can gift a FREE 30 Day subscription EVERY month

My plan is to gift to college students under age 25 as a GOTV effort

An informed electorate


Free Book On Line - Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda


This is the book Apple scion Steve Jobs gave to all who attended his funeral as a going away gift.

As a seeker of truth in my youth 50+ years ago, this book opened up possibilities that made sense to that confused young brief-case carrying woman who became disillusioned with how the corporate world worked.n For that matter, how the world worked. A Pisces in a sea of faceless bureaucrats and emotionally dulled people.

I found Autobiography of a Yogi after exhausing the self-help, world religions, and philosophy sections of a three story, paper backed bookstore. Resonance and explanations appeared from within the pages.

A couple of years ago, I popped on line, searched for the title and found a free copy which I read on my iPad. Out of thankfulness to the provider, Ananda, I then purchased a copy for my grandchildren.


Greatly entertaining story. Brain bleach.


Sure could use some candidate pointers from you young folks. Iím not sure what the right questions are to help hone in on a candidate?

Which candidates have the most governing experience?

Which candidates have the most DC experience?

Which candidates have a law degree?

Which candidates.........?

Are there other questions we might consider other than personal appeal and/or likability?

No TV here so itís a bit confusing relying on YouTube videos and whatever news gleaned on Twitter.

Any directions will be appreciated


Any typos & spelling errors are due to aging.


Why have we followed the right wing lead that reduced Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to an acronym?

Are we to believe that 150 million voters will know AOC stands for one of the most interesting young, Democratic US Representative from New York in generations or even in US political history?

Or will many wonder what this AOC acronym stands for? Are we to leave the less informed to wonder if AOC is an acronym for "American Something or Other" like

"American Otter Cooperative"

See long, long list of how & who uses the acronym AOC.

No. We have to get her name out there for all to hear and ask "Who is she?". For history to record.

It's not too hard to type Ocasio-Cortez once you get used to it.

Compare name typing:

President Obama has 14 characters. We didn't refer to him as BO.

Or Senator Sanders as BS

Ocasio-Cortez has just a few more letters.🤓

At the very least, could we muster enough energy to type out Ocasio-Cortez instead of AOC?

We also want young new voters to know her name!

Let's show Representative Ocasio-Cortez the same respect we show all of our elected politicians.


For those who may have missed a couple of fantastic Rep. Ocasio-Cortez GOP/Trump takedowns, check out these two videos.


Mini-plea rant for the readers in the house:

I enjoy hearing this brave young woman's name. I want her name known and remembered as encouragement for other young people to brave US politics.

Also, is it helpful to the 2020 cause to publicly claim "not a fan" with no reason stated?

Of course we can discuss opposing opinions about actual behavior and words spoken; however, is sharing our second-guessing of the inner machinations of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's intentions fair so early in the game?

Admittedly, it is a heavy lift to lack political cynicism about....well, everybody and everything after 3, 4, even 5 decades of fighting the good fight. I will share I was a State delegate for McGovern.


For years we have bemoaned how whimpy our Democratic reps appear and sound. Speaker Harry Reid comes to mind. Too rarely to remember, his delivery was almost monotone. Found it so frustrating.

We finally get an articulate, clever, fast-on-her-feet, bully-proof, millenial-appealing, outspoken Democratic firebrand who has a demonstrated ability to deflate GOP efforts to control the narrative and we complain or proudly claim "not a fan"

Really? Is this how we encourage more impassioned young people to DARE run for public office? Oh no, Really?

This is so perplexing. I get the Dem "herd of cats" thing as all jockey for front-of-the-line for a pet issue, HOWEVER

For a short season, until we vote out the mess we are in, can we rant our displeasures with our friends & Direct Messages instead of on this well-known public forum where "the other side" can use our disparaging remarks against our Big 2020 Cause? You know they will!

Representative Ocasio-Cortez is very young and very excited to make a difference.

Can you remember yourself at her age? Hope so 😉. Now, can you imagine yourself As an actual Bronx, NY elected member of the US House of Representatives up against all that is Trumpism here and abroad? No, none of can even imagine accomplishing such an amazing fete and the guts she has to be outspoken under today's circumstances.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is in a position to HELP fight our dangerous political trajectory. She has demonstrated her fearlessness and cleverness in calling out the GOP as seen in the videos above.


Can we use our encouraging voices out loud at least for this season?

And can we respectfully type out Ocasio-Cortez instead of reducing her and her voice to the acronym AOC?

I hope so.

typos and mispellings due to the age of author.
also too tired to argue; however, respect your right to pile on if that is how you roll

Fantastic DU Ambassador!

A well-intentioned plea

Do we agree:

We need a certain percentage of the so-called 40% pro-GOP to switch sides. If those who switch drop by here and see the same mean-spirited, snarky, even hateful comments about "others" will that help the 2020 cause?

Can we think twice before posting unkind statements about anyone, etc?

I mention this because there were some unkind comments about an obviously mentally ill man speedily headed to dinner with the White House.

Let's Look in at DU from the other side:

Pretend you were finally tired of the GOP and decided to drop into DU hoping to find information and even a community dedicated to policies that help all people.

Just before we post, perhaps ask: Is this informative? Factual? Helpful? Kind? Representative of this diverse community?

end of rant

I know I will try ✌️

✨ DU Ambassador ✨

Connect the Dots - 666 & $3.7 Billion & Nuclear

I guess there are shinier problems than the middle east going nuclear.

A Dire Warning from 1933's German Ambassador Dodd

The brutalities of the SS and SA were dismissed as a regime start-up tactic and that, in time, the new regime would become more moderate. In short, wishful thinking.

The following quote was written in 1936 by our German Ambassador Dodd. He witnessed the horrors unfolding. Since 1933 he saw Americans and Jewish people being beaten in the streets.

He tried to warn us and was ignored.

He could have stood before us today with these words.

During the 1936 U.S. election campaign, Germany's US Ambassador William Dodd wrote a public letter warning

that the defeat of Roosevelt's programs (New Deal) would produce a fascist dictatorship financed by an American billionaire:

"There are individuals of great wealth who wish a dictatorship..

There are politicians who think they may gain powers like those exercised in Europe. One man, I have been told by friends, who owns nearly a billion dollars, is ready to support such a program and, of course, control it."

Several Senators called for him to be recalled from Germany and Senator William Borah called him "an irresponsible scandalmonger.

In today speak Borah claimed FAKE NEWS.

In 1936, Ambassador Dodd gave his famous speech within which he carefully walks his audience through the history of governance.

Dodd knew history, and the dire outcome of the policies unfolding in Germany in 1936.

Towards the end of the linked DKOS article, the author includes a link for each and every historical reference within Dodd's speech he used to support his points. Links to teach us the History of Governance.

A truly important history to learn and understand.

He who does not know history, is at risk of repeating the same mistakes.

The Trump Show isn't new, but always ENDS IN disaster.

Read and bookmark A Warning and History Lesson for future reference.


This history is NOT TAUGHT in school.

THERE IS ANOTHER 80+ Year History that few know, but MUST KNOW so we can save our democracy.

The article is long, well-cited, and true. Also bookmark worthy for its depth and links.

DAILYKOS: Nat'l Prayer Breakfast Origin: Anti-New Deal, Fascist, Business Titans of the 1930s and 2018


Every year the denizens of democracy destruction flaunt their power and few understand.


Nothing under the sun is new. Sadly

Thank You Card for Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, & the Investigative Team

You can drop your thanks below.

DUers, these fine professionals had to Trump view for two years. Blech!

The least we can do is say Thank You for all the hard work. We can keep it light & cheery.

They worked very hard and delivered.

It is now up to the machinations of US Law to proceed.

We are part of that process.


Thanks Don & Mitch - Inspired by DUs Clarifying Voice of NancyGreggs

Thank you for openly sharing your opinions for the entire world to see. Second guessing can be so bothersome.

We could probably simplify your opinions in one broad statement, something like:

"What's in it for me?"

But that would deny you the nuances of our appreciation.

First up, thank you for letting the world, and your own vulnerable citizens know clearly that you have no desire to protect and save the planet's air, water, foods, and all else that supports healthy living. Could you at least share your life-sustaining plans intended to enable your offspring to thrive. Even a few hints would be a kind contribution.

Thank you for sharing your opinions of other less fortunate countries. For decades so many have held on dearly believing "Help is on the way". False hope can be fatal all too often. By ripping off the bandaids of token aid and as FLOTUS's fashion statement made perfectly clear
"You don't care".

Thank you for the heads up that you would prefer to take away whatever affordable health care we might still have access to. I know I've added a lot more greens and less cancer-promoting sugars to my diet hoping to avoid a financially life destroying chronic illness I might be tempted to opt out of life altogether, rather than subject my family to poverty. My neighbor did that. Shot his head off in the bedroom. No more cancer for him. His wife was able to keep the house and is now happily remarried. He used to help me shovel my big driveway. Tears now flowing. 😥

Thank you big time for letting us know that deficits are not a problem for the Republican Party. I was a bit confused for a bit because I vaguely remember your party whining incessantly about deficits back in 2009 when, once again, the country's economy crashed after an 8 year spell of Republican rule. As a retiree, I no longer worry about the GOP ripping away Social Security and Medicare, because deficits don't matter, right? So when the other party takes the reins of power back, STFU about deficits. Deal?

Thank you for making it clear that debt slavery is the only path to a higher education for Americas's youth. A Masters Degree in my State is now $65,000. Guaranteed debt, no guarantee of high paying job! Judging from the soulless, heartless policy expose' to date, I can imagine a GOP proposal to send delinquent student debtors to China as laborers to pay off the Chinese debt under a title of something like "Harmonious Cultural Exchange".

Thank you for doing nothing to improve the conditions for America's working poor. Our relatives left blood on the street fighting for fair and just labor protections. The degree of profit-mongering callousness of "Right to Work" laws makes my anger red hot 😡

Thank you for letting the world clearly know, once and for all, that free, quality, public education for all American children is now a lower priority until and unless you can figure out how to personally profit. Otherwise, doing the right thing for kids might raise the deficit.

Sorry couldn't resist. My European friends that lived in the US with kids have made it clear that US kids are not taught with the same high standards. Their kids were waaay behind their classmates when they returned to Europe.

Well, the list of appreciation for truly clarifying what the Republican Party stands for could go on and on. Sunshine at last.

And lastly, thank you, Nancy Greggs. You may recognize your style of presentation. Thank you for your many clarifying articles offered here. 💝

Apology for any typos. I'm old.

In memory of my kind neighbor, James. You are missed.

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