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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 09:20 AM
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Hope Change Unite - Stale Words

Could new better words help those disappointed and still suffering today?

Maybe “Fight & Fix”

Or “Buckle Up & Build Bridges” “Bridge the Inequality Gaps”

Even the Hawks are alarmed by the SOTU!

Just brainstorming here.

Here’s a pretty good Bill Clinton 2nd term add. He had a good record his first term to build this add on

His first campaign was mostly Hope & change

Obama was The Hope & Change candidate.

Can you think of some better slogans?

Are Hope Change & Unite stale to the ears of the tens of millions still struggling or sinking?

What words can motivate their newly voting-age children that watched their desperate parents lose jobs, homes, dignity, hope and even their lives in the cruel and rising tides of inequality and injustice to VOTE for Democratic candidates?

Can we convince the huge numbers of traditional non-voters to Stand Up & Vote for Democrats?

We are here because too many choose to sit out elections!

Maybe we need a campaign that invigorates high voter turn out 🤷🏻‍♀️

Keep it Simple

Something like:

Stand Up for What Is Right

Stand Up for Equal Justice

Stand Up for Loving All Our Neighbors

Stand Up for Our Planet

Stand Up for Children’s Future

Stand Up and Vote like your life depends in it

Because Hope Change Unite have been used for decades.

Let’s be honest. Not much has changed that favors the majority of American families.

On the contrary!

We’ve moved from stressed a bit to terrified!

Keep it simple

Motivate the Vote

Fire 🔥 away
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