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They project in order to cover their perversity

Not seeing this HUGE story being reported

Convicted Sex offender

Ruben #Verastigui has ties to Parscale, worked FOR RNC, Alice Paul Group & 2020 Trump Campaign.

DOJ found emails abt his preference for
“baby porn” 😢

Seriously & nauseatingly perverse young man!

DOJ sentenced this GOP 29 yr old to 12 years!


See Thread below

29 yr old Ruben Verastigui allegedly
could easily have contributed to QAnon “baby abuse” lies.

He was a digital producer of re-elect Trump ads

Fav porn involved babies 😢

Verastigui had access to top GOP masterminds:


So according to the “heavy.com” article cited above, digital pro #Verastagui was also a nationally recognized Pro-Life student leader in San Antonio where Brad #Parscale “Trumps Digital Genius” was headquartered before relocating to Florida.

Infant sex abuse fan, Verastagui is listed as 2017 RNC “Senior Designer” for the “Technology, Digital, Data” team at this RNC link. Take screen shots, as this might be tinkered with soon.

And formerly worked for Harris LLC who worked for Gingrich, Netanyahu, Rand Paul & Ted Cruz

(Also Relocated to Florida)

Vincent Harris

“The Man Who Invented the Republican Internet
Vincent Harris’s digital talents helped put Ted Cruz on the map…

Now he’s embarked on his toughest challenge—making Mitch McConnell cool.”

Harris Media LLC was hired by Brad Parscale.

“According to a Politico article, Vincent Harris at Harris Media was a sub-contractor hired by Parscale, but the nature and duration of the work is not clear.”

Politico reported it was a short lived gig:

“Trump parts ways with newly hired digital strategist”

However, Ruben #Verastigui worked for Harris after Trump fired in 2016

Lastly, if the media ever get around to publishing this news item, a lot of QAnon followers might be alerted to the rot within their circle:

According to the RNC list (see link to democracy etc above) above Famed pro-life student Verastigui worked for Alice Paul Group in Texas after College.

Listed as an APG client:

“Truckers Against Trafficking is thrilled to be working with the Alice Paul Group”

I’m sure the truckers will not be pleased.

So the Alice Paul Group, Texas was an employer of Convicted 12 yr sentenced baby porn Sex Offender Ruben #Verastigui

That Verastigui was so overt on line about a his heinous need for pornography of children even infants and was promoted by right wing organizations all the way to creating copy for Trump begs a question:

Could Verastigui have been a part of creating the QAnon “liberal baby lies”?

Is it impossible to wonder if a promotional, online RNC hired pro helped to create the QAnon Democratic/Liberal lies?

Not accusing, just asking out loud if this is possible.

What’s your opinion?

C-Span Video Merrick Garland Jan 5 Speech


A must watch historical speech.

C-Span Link to President Biden's & VP Harris' Speechs Today


In case you were still sleeping. I sure was. Why so early?

An All caps, no paragraph transcript as well.
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